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Top 10 Projects of 2011

Onward with the year in review!  I had so many great projects in mind this year (and a huge list for next year, thanks to Pinterest), but not many of them actually came to fruition.  Mostly because I’ve been working on the biggest project of all, growing Baby Slingshot!  So here are my Top 10 Projects of 2011 (and I use the term “projects” loosely, as you’ll see….)

1.  Monthly Cleaning Calendar–  The first half of the year I was focused on keeping a clean house, and my custom monthly cleaning calendar really worked for me.  A sample calendar still remains in my sidebar, if you’re interested.  Things have gone downhill of late, but I’ve got a new, easier system lined up for the new year that takes in to account the new addition to the family.  We’ll see how it goes.

2.  How to Clean Your Bathroom in 11 Minutes– This year, I found a bathroom cleaning method (and products) that works for me.  This quick and easy routine makes a dreaded task much more bearable.

3.  Dress Up Storage Bin and Puppet Theater– Now HERE’s a real project for you!  My husband did all the building for this and I painted and sewed the curtains (and gathered the costumes and puppets).  This labor of love was auctioned off by The Littlest Apple’s preschool.  I wish we had one for our house too!

4. Rice Heat Therapy Packs–  I loved these so much, I made them for Mother’s Day AND for Christmas.  Such an easy little handmade gift!

5.  It’s a….– BOY!  This has been our biggest project of 2011.  Only a few more days to go before Baby Slingshot is here!

6.  Thankful Banner–  Late this fall, I finally got my crafting mojo back, and eeked out this Thanksgiving Banner just in time for Turkey Day.  This was my first project using burlap.  Love it!

7.  Slingshot’s Nursery– Okay, so I haven’t really shared any updates, but the nursery is mostly finished.  (I’ll share some photos in the next few days)  The walls are finished, the crib, rocker, changing table have all been set up.  A rug has been ordered.  We’re doing some DIY curtains and still need some wall accessories.  All in all, the nursery is turning out just how I’d hoped!  Here’s a pic from a few weeks ago when the board and batten was going up…

8.  Activity Advent Calendar– This was such a fun project, and an important part of our December.  The Littlest Apple LOVED checking the Advent Calendar each morning to see what our activity for the day was.  I think our favorite was the North Pole Breakfast.  Can’t wait to do this again next year!

9.  Going Primal/Paleo–  Going gluten, grain, and sugar free has been such a life-changer for me, and I definitely consider this a “project.”  A year ago, I NEVER would have considered doing something like this, but now I can’t imagine going back.  I feel great (as great as I can for being 36 weeks pregnant), I’ve got more energy than ever and I’m getting sick less often.  I’m looking forward to a Paleo/Primal 2012!

10.  Peppermint and Lemon Foot Soak– I made 10 of these this Christmas (including one for myself!).  It was so easy to throw together, and the smell is divine.  Such a great way to relax after being on your feet all day.

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