May 29 12
by cara
at 8:56 PM
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Chocolate PB Banana Bites and Chocolate Covered Bananas

At least once a week, I let The Little Apple pick a snack to make.  All of the “experts” say that getting kids to help in the kitchen will help get them interested in food.  That doesn’t necessarily hold true for The Little Apple, but I keep on trying.

We usually check out my Kids Snacks board on Pinterest for ideas.  This week, The Little Apple picked these Chocolate PB Banana Bites from nom!nom!nom!.  I also thought he would enjoy making some chocolate covered banana “popsicles” covered in sprinkles, so we did that too.  This isn’t my first go ’round with frozen bananas…remember my Banana Ice Cream?  These Banana Bites and Popsicles are so fun and easy to make.

There’s not much of a recipe for either of these….

To make the Chocolate PB Banana Bites:  Place banana slices on a sheet of wax paper.  Top each banana slice with about a teaspoon of peanut butter (or almond butter!).  Then melt some chocolate (I used chocolate chips with a teaspoon of coconut oil added), and drizzle the chocolate over the banana bites (this step not pictured).  Freeze for a few hours, then enjoy!

To make Chocolate Covered Bananas: Place a popsicles stick in several bananas.  Melt some chocolate (with a teaspoon of coconut oil added).  Use a spoon to coat all sides of the banana.  Then apply sprinkles.  Freeze for a few hours, then enjoy!



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