Oct 8 10
by cara
at 6:02 PM
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Halloween Playdough

I’ve got the next Life With a Spirited Child post in the works, but I wanted to post this Halloween playdough sooner rather than later.  I created some new Halloween playdough to go along with our Halloween Sensory Bin.  I made 2 types: black with lots of purple glitter and orange.  Both are unscented.  I’ll break out the scents again in November’s playdough.

Have you ever used black food coloring before?  I’ve got the Wilton gels, and my hands are now stained a purplish/reddish color.

I gave The Littlest Apple some pipe cleaners and googly eyes to use for some spider and monster creations this month, and he LOVES it!

Here’s The Littlest Apple creating a “monster”: (I haven’t shown him much since his surgery, have I?  So nice to see his little cheeks again!)

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