Sep 21 13
by cara
at 4:42 PM
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My First Video Blog

Hey everyone (or at least the few of you who are still reading after my extended absence from blogging)! I decided it was high time to get back in the game, and what better way to start things off than with a little video blog?! In this video, you will hear some of my ideas for upcoming blog posts, see my favorite home paint color, hear my kids real names, hear about some places in my house that desperately need organizing, and see me use way too may air quotes. I got all excited to make a video post for y’all, and I even wrote about it on Facebook. Now that it’s time to actually post said video, I am so tempted to chicken out. But, I promised a video post (the power of accountability!) so here it is.

But, not without a few disclaimers first, and oh my, the disclaimers and editorial comments I could give about this little gem of a video:

1) It’s my first video, guys, so remember that. Filmed by my iPad propped up with books. I like to keep things super professional around here.
2) The video is unscripted, as will soon be blatantly obvious as I ramble on down various rabbit trails for approximately 9 minutes.
3) I was inspired to do the video while taking a shower, so I hurried through the shower, threw on minimal makeup, dried my hair but didn’t style it (do I ever? Or maybe I DID style it because you are seeing me with clean hair that’s not in a ponytail), and an old baggy shirt that was clean because I am long overdue to wash clothes.
4) Since I was feeling so, um, inspired to do this video, I forgot to put on a necklace and more importantly, my wedding rings. I’m still happily married. Just thought you should know, since you’ll see my ring-less hands waving around quite a bit. Gotta stop the rumors in their tracks.
5) I am clearly a big fan of air quotes all of a sudden. (?)
6) I am not an eloquent speaker. I prefer to hide behind my computer.
7) I play with my hair way too much….yet another reason I wear it in a ponytail 99.9% of the time.

I’ve really sold you on this VLOG haven’t I? Well, before I chicken out completely, here it is:

How awkward was that? Now I’m going back to hiding behind my computer.

What blog topics would you like to see more of here at The Picky Apple? Feel free to leave a comment on this post, on the YouTube video, or email me at Talk to you soon!

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