Sep 10 11
by cara
at 6:40 AM
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It’s a …….


The Picky Apple and I were hoping for another boy, so we’re thrilled!  The Littlest Apple is excited to have a baby brother!

The Littlest Apple has decided that his baby brother should be named Slingshot, and he’s been telling everyone the baby’s new “name”-doctors, teachers, friends, grandparents, strangers at the grocery store.  What a great nickname, right?!  I’m not sure where he got it from, but we love it.  So much catchier than “the baby” or “baby brother.”  Since we will keep the baby’s name a secret from everyone (even family!) until he’s born, Slingshot he shall be called for now.

I’m now just over 20 weeks, and everything is going great.  Slingshot is measuring right on track and so am I.  I am relieved that this pregnancy has been drama free (so far).  It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

I just made the switch to some maternity clothes.  None of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with The Littlest Apple were working for me (wrong season, worn out, my tastes have changed), so I’ve been carefully picking out some new stuff.  I’ll share more on that in another post.  Let’s just say I have a love/hate relationship with maternity clothes.

This won’t turn in to a pregnancy or baby blog, but I may do the occasional baby or pregnancy post along with my usual recipes, crafts, etc.  (For instance, some maternity style ideas, info on the new baby’s nursery, stroller suggestions, etc).

PS.  How many of my astute readers noticed that I updated the sidebar of my blog with the gender reveal (in my profile, along with a new photo) 4 days before I wrote this post?

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  1. Cassie permalink

    I did notice you posted it, but didn’t want to say anything in my comment in case you did it accidentally, or something. CONGRATULATIONS! I absolutely love having two sweet little boys…they’re both so much fun, and watching their brotherly relationship is so awesome. Plus, it’s such an honor teaching little boys how to become the kind of men we want to marry! I’m just so happy for your whole family, Cara, and I think Slingshot is a fine nickname! I called Will Sweet Baby Ray while I was pregnant with him because all I craved was BBQ 🙂

  2. Cara permalink


    Aha!  I wondered if anybody really noticed my little slip up or not.  Apparently you’ve got a keen eye!  I am so excited about being the mom of two boys.  I love the idea of being the only “girl” in our family too (because we’re done after this one).  I really like what you said about teaching little boys how to become the men we want to marry….what a heartwarming thought!  Thanks!

  3. Cassie permalink


  4. Amber permalink

    I noticed also! I have 3 boy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Currently I am dating someone that has a girl the same age as my oldest and he asked What do I get her? I was like I don’t know! I have boys…give me a boy and I’ll give you a list, show me a girl and I’m like um….well….I DON”T KNOW

  5. Cara permalink

    Thanks Cassie!

  6. Cara permalink

    My husband is one of three boys!  I can definitely see the advantage to having several kids of the same gender.  I’m not quite sure what to get a 7 year old girl either!  Maybe some art supplies or a craft kit of some sort?  Books are usually my gift of choice, no matter what the age, but sometimes picking out age appropriate books can be tricky too!

  7. Ross Boss permalink

    I, too, noticed the slip, but did not want to point it out and ruin the fun for everyone else.  I am over the moon excited for you and the PA and LA!  He is going to be a great big brother!

  8. Cara permalink

    My blog readers are quite the eagle-eyed bunch!  🙂  Thanks for your well wishes!  We are super excited about Slingshot, and looking forward to January!

  9. YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for you!  I had two boys and then a girl.  The boys are very close – boys are SO MUCH FUN and they love their mommies!  (Even my 18 year old!) 

    Slingshot is an AWESOME nickname…. and I hope that when you give birth that he will come out as fast as a slingshot as well!!! 🙂

  10. corinne permalink

    CARA!!! Congratulations!!! How incredibly exciting 🙂
    {I redid my reader a while back, and lost a lot… don’t ask this non techy what happened… but I missed you…}

  11. Victoria Leddy permalink

    congratulations on the little apple seed!  as a mother of two sons, the older being very mildly autistic, i can asure you the fun has only just begun!   

  12. Mya Maternity permalink

    Congrats to you.

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