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by cara
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Dress Up Storage Bin and Puppet Theater

Things have been quiet around here because I’ve been busy working on a project for my son’s school.  If you “Like” The Picky Apple on Facebook, then you got to see a little sneak peek of this yesterday.  As the Auction Coordinator for my son’s class (totally got suckered into that!!), we put together this Dress Up Storage Bin to be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the school.

My husband built the Dress Up Storage Bin (inspired by Ana White, but customized for our needs).  After building a bed, this was a fairly simple project for him, but it still took about 10 hours of his time.  I am SO PROUD of him and THANKFUL for his willingness to help out!  I did the painting–all 4 coats (gotta love white paint)!  The costumes (or funds to purchase costumes) were generously donated by the AMAZING group of parents from our class.  At one point before Spring Break, I was a little nervous about how this was all going to come together, but in the end we had a Class Auction Basket valued at OVER $800!!  (This is our first year at this preschool, but apparently the auction is a Big Deal).

The storage bin contains FIFTEEN costumes: knight, construction worker, pirate, veterinarian, chef, firefighter, Batman, Superman, Robin, Fancy Nancy, ladybug, cowgirl, ballerina, princess, fairy.

There are some accessories hidden in the storage underneath the costume.  This space will be just perfect for shoes and other big accessories like shields, swords, etc.

The baskets up top are milkcrates from Target.  One of the crates contains more costume accessories (shoes, jewelry, wands, crowns).  Another crate contains TEN books that coordinate with TEN of the costumes.

The last crate contains THREE puppets (pig, cat, and crocodile-though I honestly thought the crocodile was a dragon when I bought it!).  If you turn the Bin around, it doubles as a Puppet Theater.  I hand-sewed the curtains myself with fabric from Hobby Lobby after my attempt at no-sew curtains flopped.  It was my first time sewing curtains, and they aren’t perfect, but I’d say they look pretty cute!

I am ECSTATIC about how this project turned out and glad to have it over with (it’s been a major source of stress since January).  I can’t wait to see how much money is raised on Auction Night.  If you’re local and interested, let me know in the comments and I’ll email you with details about the auction.

Now back to the house painting and Easter crafts!!

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