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Around the House This Fall

Now that The Littlest Apple is back in preschool, I’ve got a bit of time to do some crafting and projects around the house.  Here are the house projects at the top of my To Do List (I’ll save the crafts for another post!)….

Finish painting the downstairs: Yup, it’s still not done.  My birthday present this year (at the end of July) was hiring someone to do this for me.  He’s also going to stain our banister.  Yeehaw!  Hoping to have this completed by mid October at the latest.

Playscape construction: Remember how I mentioned that playscape The Littlest Apple got for his birthday?  Construction is underway….

but we’ve still got a long way to go.

one of the many piles of boards taking over our garage

This monster is 12 feet tall and about 27 feet long (and just barely meets our HOA guidelines for size).  My only role in this project is to entertain The Littlest Apple while The Picky Apple (and whoever else he can recruit) gets to work.  This is the main project happening on weekends and evenings around here at the moment.

Toy organization, decluttering and relocation: the current playroom will soon be Slingshot’s nursery.  So ALL (or at least most) of the toys need to be sorted and relocated.  The Littlest Apple’s Room isn’t huge, but he has ample storage space under his bed and there is room for the Expedit unit (either the one we already own, picture below-from a few years ago) or a new one.  I’m not even going to show you a picture of the current playroom.  It’s a disaster!  We’ll also need some type of organization for The Littlest Apple’s growing collection of dress up clothes and accessories.  Perhaps his very own Dress Up Storage Bin or something similar built in to his closet.

Bookshelves for The Littlest Apple’s room– I’ve had this project on my To Do List forever!  The Littlest Apple’s book collection is out of control, and I’d really like a new way to display his books so he can find his favorites more easily.  This will also free up some additional storage space where his old book shelf used to be.

from Raising Olives

Slingshot’s Nursery– Once we get all the toys moved out of the current playroom, it’ll be time to get Slingshot’s nursery ready!  We’re using the same bedding, crib (pictured below), changing table, and rocker, from The Littlest Apple’s old nursery, but in a new room (The Littlest Apple’s bed can’t be moved from his room without taking the frame off the door, so it’s staying put!).  I need to decide how I want to paint the walls this time around.  I LOVED the simple stripes in The Littlest Apple’s nursery, but we may do something different this time around.  Subtle horizontal stripes?  Wainscotting?  One solid color?  Not sure yet, but the clock’s ticking!

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  1. Love those rain gutter bookshelves!  We did a couple of those in my son’s room.

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