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Paint Chips from My Home

I LOVE to check out paint colors in other people’s houses, so when I started reading about the Paint Color Party over at The Nesting Place, I knew I wanted to join in!  If you’re thinking of painting, checking out the paint colors in someone else’s space is a great way to get started.  The number of paint chips available at the hardware store is completely overwhelming, isn’t it?  Obviously, the color may look different in your own home depending on the light, carpet, furniture, etc, but I definitely consult other bloggers’ paint choices as a jumping off point!

Over the last 5 years, I’ve (and I say I’VE because The Picky Apple doesn’t do paint) slowly replaced most of the white walls in our house with colors we love.  Our tastes and color preferences have changed since we first moved in from warm colors to cool colors, so I’m doing some re-painting too.

Master Bedroom:

custom color, mixed at Home Depot

Master Bath: still builder basic white!  I plan to paint it the same as our Master Bedroom.

The Littlest Apple’s Bedroom:

Main Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Faded Denim

Stripes: Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes

Stripes: Benjamin Moore Mystical Blue

The Littlest Apple’s/Guest Bathroom: This is the same color as the lightest stripe color from The Littlest Apple’s bedroom, but it looks SO much different when there is a whole room of it.  This photo was really for the cabinet makeover, but you get the idea of the wall color too…

Benjamin Moore Mystical Blue


Sherwin Williams Rice Grain

Living Room/Kitchen and the Entire Downstairs (in progress): this will be replacing the red dining room, yellow kitchen and living room, and chocolate brown powder room. (I’m SO over the warm colors right now!)  I’m excited to create a more cohesive look and a mostly muted color palette for our entire home.  This color is slightly darker than Rice Grain, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Martha Stewart Hickory

(a sneak peak of the paint….the old color was Benjamin Moore Barley)

Rooms that don’t have paint yet: Playroom, Office

Thanks for stopping by to check out my paint colors!

Do you try to keep a cohesive paint palette throughout your home?

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  1. Wow, I love the hickory!

    I am more of a cohesive kind of gal…makes it easy for touch ups.

  2. Ross Boss permalink

    Looks great! You are a champ for painting all of that yourself. I did our place when we moved in and it was so freaking hard!! Best of luck – they are beautiful colors!

  3.  Hi Cara –

    Yes, those colours can change when you apply them to the walls in your own home – it’s surprising sometimes how much depending on the light source and time of day.

    Always worth checking out other people’s homes for ideas and inspiration though – and with nearly everyone having a mobile phone that includes a camera these days, it’s pretty easy to whip it out, snap a couple of shots (if your friends don’t mind!) and then grab the colour swatches from the paint merchants 😉

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