Nov 15 11
by cara
at 3:48 PM
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My Biggest Giveaway Ever!

**This giveaway is now closed!**

I thought today would be a good day for a giveaway!


Because I’ve been meaning to do one for a long time now.

Because I’m tired of looking at this giveaway stuff sitting in my dining room.

Because the holidays are approaching.

Because I’m feeling thankful.

Because it rained here today.

Because your comments make my day, even though I don’t always have time to respond to them.

Because my Pumpkin Crunch Cake post is blowing up on Pinterest and that really tickles me.

Just because!

So what’s up for grabs?

The giveaway includes:

  • Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty One
  • Get Clean Household Mini Kit from Shaklee
  • Organized Simplicity, by Tsh Oxenreider
  • Simple Food for Busy Families, by Jeannette Bessinger and Tracee Yablon-Brenner
  • 14.5 oz. Pumpkin Patch Scented Candle from Slatkin & Co
  • Glee Presents The Warblers CD

That’s over $130 of goodies, just for you!  My biggest giveaway ever!

These are just a few of my favorite things, and I wanted to share them with you.  Just so we’re clear, this is NOT a sponsored giveaway.  This stuff was all selected and purchased by me over the last few months to give to you.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

No jumping through hoops.  One entry per person.   Just leave a comment answering the following question:  What are you thankful for?

That’s it!

The winner will be announced on November 20th.

Good luck and thanks for reading The Picky Apple!

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  1. Hollie permalink

    I’m thankful that we have healthy children and our recent move has brought us into a neighborhood of warm, welcoming people.  

  2. Beth Lloyd permalink

    I have so many things to be thankful, my home, my family, my friends, my job but most of all, I am thankful for my husband!

  3. Thankful for a loving Jesus that died for all my filthy wretched sins.  Thankful for my husband that always loves me, no matter what.  Thankful for my children and their willingness to serve others.

  4. Brooke permalink

    I am thankful for the sweet baby growing inside of me. I love feeling her kicks and movements throughout the day. Such a true miracle. 

  5. I’m thankful, ever so grateful for my family and friends.  Our loved ones are what life is all about.

  6. Bernoskykim permalink

    I am thankful for the people who love me and put up with my crafting instead of spending all of my time with them.  I am blessed that they have allowed me to take time to show others the art of crafting.

  7. Jennifer Radtke permalink

    I am thankful for everything around me,the good and the bad. Most of all, I am thankful for my girls and my husband.

  8. lisa permalink

    I am thankful for my amazing husband, family, and friends!  Through my husbands battle with cancer I know I could not have gotten through it without my family and friends.

  9. Bekahnavywife703 permalink

    I don’t know if it’s too late to add a comment or not…but I just found your blog through Life as Mom and I am truly grateful my husband has a job.  He was in the Navy and medically discharged and I feel very thankful that he found a job!!  

  10. Lauren permalink

    i’m thankful for my mom. she’s an amazing person who has been through a lot. she’s one of my best friends.

  11. Jenny permalink

    I’m thankful for my salvation, the grace of God!  I’m thankful for my husband and our children.  God has truly blessed us! 

  12. Chickendehnert permalink

    I am thankful we have our little one at the thanksgiving table this year. Last year he was in the NICU for all of the holiday season, 110 days! He is also the reason I read your blog on a regular basis. He has a feeding tube and I was terrified when we were deciding whether or not to have the surgery so I read everything you had to say about G-tubes… therefore I’m thankful for you too! You made me feel a little better about the surgery and the fact that my little guy was going to be different than his peers, but that’s okay! This year we get to be thankful that he has made it and we also get to experience his “firsts” with the upcoming holidays!!!

  13. Efjmoney permalink

    I am so thankful for my husband and children. My husband is the most amazing man in the world. And our children are so precious!

  14. Ccreaturestimes3 permalink

    I am glad yours is safe…my prayers for his continued saftey are with you.

  15. Ccreaturestimes3 permalink

    ….and him

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