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Christmas 2010 Recap

We didn’t take quite as many pictures this Christmas as we did last year.  I’m hoping some of the grandparents have some additional photos of the celebrations at their houses.  We had a truly wonderful Christmas!  This was The Littlest Apple’s first year to really understand Santa (and the story of baby Jesus’ birth!) so it was especially magical (if you can call a Christmas full of chainsaws, jackhammers and other boy toys magical).

From Santa, The Littlest Apple received a toy jackhammer and a toy chainsaw, which were at the top of his wish list.  He wore the accompanying safety goggles for most of Christmas morning….

He couldn’t even let go of his chainsaw long enough to check out his stocking….

One of his favorite gifts from mommy and daddy was a University of Texas football helmet.  It’s way too big, even though I ordered the smallest one I could find.

The Littlest Apple’s favorite gifts from his grandparents included a claw machine (who knew that you could have your own personal claw machine?!  how cool is that?!)…

a shaving kit….

and a Plasma Car.  We stopped taking pictures by this time but this is such a FUN toy!!  All of the adult children had fun trying out the Plasma Car too (and I’m sure there are some pictures somewhere to document that.  Mom, if you have photos of The Littlest Apple (or maybe even his Uncle John) riding the Plasma Car, could you send them my way?  I’d love to add them to this post!)

And in case you were wondering, I got a Kindle and a Lisa Leonard Necklace from The Picky Apple, and lots of great stuff from the rest of the family too.  A very Merry Christmas indeed!

We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday, and I’m cleaning house, planning new projects (including choosing a paint color for the entire downstairs!), and reflecting and resolution making for the upcoming year.  In the next few days, I’ll be sharing some Best of 2010 posts as we get ready for 2011!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, Cara! I LOVE the picture of The Littlest Apple shaving…That is so cute! (And I have that necklace too, by the way!)

  2. We have had the same claw machine for YEARS and all the kids (even the 17 year old) still play with it off and on… so many items have been put in it… that really is a great toy!!

  3. Ross Boss permalink

    He is adorable in the pic with the helmet on and his sweet eyes showing. I am so happy you guys had such a wonderful holiday. I am going to make an effort to be “around” more this year. I love you guys and miss you very much!

  4. That shaving picture is ADORABLE. What is the shaving cream made of?

    Also – how do you like your Kindle? We’re thinking about getting one to take w/ us on our Give Every Day trip (since space for books is limited in our RV).

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