Oct 3 10
by cara
at 8:39 PM
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Chalkboard Lids

I’ve been itching to use my chalkboard spray paint on another project, and I found JUST the thing!  I’ve been working on decluttering and reorganizing our home office, current home to about 6 old computers, all of my old law stuff, and about a year and a half of The Littlest Apple’s activities.  The office is also my storage place for all of our sensory bin materials.  To organize those, I placed each filler material in an old Basmati rice container.  I’ve been buying this particular brand for a while now, mostly because I love the containers and knew I could reuse them somehow.  I peeled the label off the lid and spray painted each one with chalkboard paint.  (A little secret: I was too lazy to peel off the labels on the sides of the containers.  I will at some point, but for now, they’re all just turned sideways.)  Now the sensory bin fillers are on display on a shelf in the office.

How do you organize and store your sensory bin materials?  Have you tried chalkboard paint?

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  1. Erin permalink

    I have never tried sensory bins with my son (20 months) and am thinking about starting. I love your blog and have enjoyed all the great sensory theme ideas you have.

    When did you introduce the sensory bins to your son? My son likes to put every single thing in his mouth, so I am nervous to start the bins, because I’m afraid he will try eating/tasting everything.

    I am probably over thinking this and should just start anyway. lol

    BTW, I think your chalkboard lids are really cool.

  2. Building up my courage to do a sensory bin with my twins because of your blog. How do you keep the beads and rocks and rice and noodles and all the other things in the sensory bin and not all over your floor? Is there a method to prepping the area before you attempt a messy activity so that it’s easier to clean up?

  3. Oh this is too funny – this is exactly the way I store my loose materials, too! Well, minus the BRILLIANT chalk paint idea. 🙂 I’m just about to post a little “sneak peek” about my storage on either FB or my blog soon.

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