Aug 27 10
by cara
at 9:11 PM
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Apple Sensory Bin

To go along with our Apple Pie Scented Playdough, I created this Apple Sensory Bin after seeing one on No Time For Flashcards.  Our Apple Sensory Bin contains fake red apples, pinto beans, black beans (which look like apple seeds, don’t you think?  That was my intention anyway!), pine cones and corks.  I would also like to add acorns like the bin on No Time for Flashcards, but I didn’t want to buy them and didn’t find any outside near our oak tree.

The Littlest Apple has thoroughly enjoyed playing with this bin.  He likes to transfer the apples from the bin to a bowl using tongs, and scoops the beans, stirs the beans….okay, and throws the beans too.

This morning I got out the sensory tub for a playdate.  This was the first time I’ve done that, and it kept the boys busy for quite a while.  They sat facing each other on a quilt on opposite sides of the bin with bowls, tongs, and scoops.  This turned out to be a really great playdate activity (especially when there are just 2 kids).  I LOVE sensory bins!

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