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Welcome, Fall!

Fall is HERE!  According to the calendar anyway.  Since we’ve been a little busy lately, I’m just now breaking out my fall decorations.  Although I’m dreaming of a more neutral color scheme for my downstairs, fall decorations are a natural fit with my yellow living room and kitchen walls and red dining room.  My entry rug is just perfect for fall!

I changed out our living room pillows for the season, too.  There are other fall pillows on the couch, but our ultrasuede couch doesn’t photograph well.

I haven’t changed or added much (yet?) from last year except for my new Halloween Ribbon Wreath and my dining room table centerpiece (using stuff I already had).

My house feels cozier already!  I just need to stock up on Pumpkin Patch candles (my most favorite fall scent), get a replacement faux fur throw and I’ll be set.

I’m planning to try some new pumpkin recipes this year, but here are some of my tried and true favorite fall foods that I can’t wait to enjoy!

What are YOU doing to welcome Fall?  Any favorite fall foods?

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  1. Carrie permalink

    I love fall! It’s so true how much cozier the house feels when all the fall decoration are up. It probably helps that my entire house is in fall colors to begin with! I usually put everything up right after Labor Day (my officialy start of the season), but we are having the entire house painted right now. Hopefully it will be all over this weekend and I can decorate!

    I’m eager to try some of your recipes. I am searching for a good pumpkin muffin using whole wheat flour. I also want to try the recipe in Family Fun magazine for pumpkin bread pudding! Delish!

  2. Victoria permalink

    You have inspired me to get out my fall recipes and decorations!  Every year, I make a spicy pumpkin dark chocolate chunk bundt cake with cream cheese frosting, Halloween “Ghoulash”, a Martha stewart recipe I’ve been making for years, and at thanksgiving, a dark chocolate walnut pie recipe from an old isse of Southern Living!  
    I love your fall colors!  I love eggplant (color) this year, and the fairytale pumpkins!
    Have you seen the pale yellow zebra print textile?  It would look gorgeous in your house for spring or summer! 

  3. I love your fall decorations. So pretty and cozy and comforting. I can’t wait to break ours out, too, but since the weather is still in the 90’s, it just hasn’t felt right yet:-). I’m looking forward to trying some of your fall recipes, too!!

  4. Carrie,

    So you have fall colors year round as well? Do you find it hard decorating for other seasons like I do? Pumpkin bread pudding sounds AMAZING! My husband hates the texture of it, but I love bread pudding.

  5. Victoria,

    Okay, all of those recipes you mentioned sound delicious, particularly the pumpkin cake! Eggplant for fall is a great color (and I do have a few clothes in that color), but it hasn’t made its way into our home decor at all. I think I know which zebra print you’re referring to, and you’re right-it would look great here in the spring. I’ve got a darker (chocolate brown) zebra print on the couch right now. I love it, but I do like to use lighter colors in the spring and summer.

  6. Keri,

    Thanks! It’s still crazy hot here too, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to get out all of my pumpkins, apples, and leaves. It’ll be nice when the weather cools down and catches up with my decor! (And I’m really looking forward to breaking out the sweaters and knee high boots!)

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