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My House Was Made for Fall Decorations!

Happy Fall, Y’all!  It’s the first day of Autumn,  a “cool” front is rolling through Texas, and I couldn’t be happier.  It will still be in the lower 80s here, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to break out my fall decorations.  I actually got them out last weekend when the temperatures were still in the 90s.

We’ve got many warm fall colors (reds, yellows, browns) in our downstairs décor (oooh, doesn’t that make it sounds so sophisticated?!), so the pumpkins and leaves of fall fit right in, and just make our house feel so homey.  As much as I love all things Christmas, fall just fits our house so much better.

Entry Rug Close Up

A closeup of our entry hall rug

My most prized fall possession is my front door wreath that I found in a little gift shop while ordering some party invitations.  I’ve always wanted to be a wreath-on-the-front-door kind of person, but this was the first wreath that really spoke to me.  A wreath on the door just says “Welcome to my house!” and is an easy way to jazz up a boring front door.  Our front door is definitely boring: a plain white builder basic door.  We’re the last folks on the block that haven’t upgraded to a wooden door with glass.  I don’t think the feathers used to stick out all crazy like that, but that’s how they looked when I pulled out the wreath this year, and I kind of like it this way!

Fall Wreath

Last year, one of the gourds on the wreath cracked in our not-really-fall Texas heat.  After some initial panic and sadness that my brand new wreath was already a casualty, I managed a successful transplant operation of a new gourd.

Fall Wreath Closeup

I also acquired quite a few fake pumpkins last year.  We’ve got pumpkins for the front porch (saving those until October), pumpkins for the entry hall, pumpkins for the fireplace, and a pumpkin for the kitchen island.

Pumpkin and Leaves

As you can see, I also love using fall leaves in my decorating.  I’ve got several garlands that I use both on the fireplace mantle and the tops of my kitchen cabinets.  I’m not a huge fan of fake florals and greenery, but I found some beautiful garlands with apples that I couldn’t pass up.

Fall Garland Close Up

Fall Garland

Speaking of apples, it’s only natural at the home of The Picky Apple.  We’ve got quite a few of those…

Apples in Scale

Apples on the Bookshelf

Hope you’ve enjoyed this small peek at my fall decorations!  My house and I are ready for fall, now bring on the cooler weather already!

For more fall decorating inspiration, check out Southern Hospitality , Show Us Your Life: Fall Decorations at Kelly’s Korner, Hooked on House Tours: Fall Edition, and Fall Inspiration at Thrifty Decor Chick.

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  1. What a lovely house you have! Fall is such a festive season.

    We live in Arizona and we are definitely ready for cooler weather. The high is supposed to be 93 today, for goodness sake! Ay de mi!

  2. Hello Cara – it’s nice to meet you! Isn’t Rhoda’s party fun? I love all your Fall inspiration. Especially that rug! Fabulous. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Your fall decorations are lovely. My house also looks its best in fall. Love all the rich warm colors.

  4. I really love your fall decor. The rug is gorgeous by the way!

  5. Oh, I love it all! You’ve done a great job with your fall decor, thanks for joining the party. I hope you’ll come back & visit me again.

  6. Hi there! I had to stop by, asi don’t see too many other Cara’s in the world, lol:) Your fall decorating looks wonderful, great job! Stop on over for a visit.


  7. I am so jealous of that rug! Love the texture on that apple, too.

  8. OK–love your fall decorations and love, love your rug. Those are the colors that draw me in! Beautiful.

  9. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I love my rug too, especially now in the fall when it works in with all my decorations. During spring and summer however, I’m wishing for something a little lighter….seagrass or stripes. Something to think about for next spring, I guess!

  10. We have the same wonderful rug in front of our fireplace! Isn’t it the best?! Stop by my blog to see photos.

  11. I was so taken with the rug, I had trouble focusing on anything else! 🙂 It all looks great, but did I mention that I LOVE the rug?
    pk @ Room Remix

  12. I heart your decor!!! So cute !! the wreath is my fave!

  13. Very cute! I love your mantel decor especially 🙂


  14. Your decorations are beautiful! I love the wreath! I got so excited when we dropped in temperatures too. (San Antonio) I love the cool weather! For once it seems like our weather is right on cue with where it’s supposed to be. Thanks for sharing your lovely decorations! -April

  15. Cara, Nice to meet you at this party. I like what you’ve done to bring fall into your Texas home. No, your hot weather is not exactly what Mother Nature had in mind for Autumn! LOL But I think you’ve done a great job of bringing the natural looking aspects into your decor. Love the apples in the scale and the wreath on your door. I especially like the feathers on it…
    Hope you’ll stop by for a visit. I’m finding that people at this party don’t visit- they just link their posts. My post is an earlier one that I used for Rhoda’s party, but I thought it might get a little different exposure w/Julia’s follower base. Guess not…

    🙂 Sue

  16. I am getting into the fall decor this week…like you it will still be hot in October…the decor makes me believe it is really fall….in my house anyway! You have a very pretty vignettes. Come say hi.

  17. I have that rug in my living room!!! I had a yard sale last year just so I could get it. It has all my favorite colors in it. 🙂

    I’m like you, my home already has alot fall colors in it, so adding pumpkins and other ‘fall’ inspiration is very easy. 🙂

  18. Love all the feathers in your wreath and your fireplace mantel looks great!


  19. Kellee permalink

    I LOVE the rug too – where did you buy it??

  20. Alana permalink

    I love your fall rug – gorgeous colours – where did you buy it?

  21. I have almost the same rug as you hug. But your rug is more beautiful and really match the fall season.. 

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