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Master Bedroom Makeover: The Vision

Now that I’m finally finished painting the master bedroom (in that perfect blue-gray color that I absolutely love), I’ve started thinking about how I want it decorated.  My plan is to use the colors of sand, ocean, and sky with some whites, interesting textures and brighter decorative accents used sparingly.  I think the look I’m going for is “Seaside Elegance,” coastal chic, “beachy” sophisticated.  Hope that makes sense!  Here are some of the basics I’ve already decided on….

Bedding options:

Cirrus Duvet from Anthropologie

Ruched Duvet from Pottery Barn

Headboard inspiration (we’ll be making our own):

Colette Bed from Crate & Barrel

I’m planning on making my own drop cloth curtains like these (here’s a link to my completed curtains!), and I may add some decorative trim:

image from The Lettered Cottage

I love the idea of a seating area, with two comfy chairs to lounge in, but I’m having trouble working that in to the traffic flow of the room.  The Picky Apple thinks there is NOT room for 2 chairs, so for now we’ll just have a reading nook in the corner with a chair and ottoman (we already have the ottoman)

Ektorp Chair from IKEA

or a chaise

Ektorp Chaise from IKEA

One main element of the room I haven’t quite figured out yet is shelving.  We don’t need any clothing storage in our bedroom (we fortunately have a gigantic closet), but we do need some bookshelves.  I could make an entire wall of shelving, or just use a long low shelf with decorative paintings above….I’m still having trouble picturing what I want.

For decorative accents (where I’ll bring in more color), this is the kind of stuff I have in mind:

Seahorse Print from Etsy seller YeOldeArteShoppe

Abstract Beach Canvas from Etsy seller breverjohnson

To keep it from being too formal, some signs like this, (though maybe not yellow)…

Beach Rules Vintage Sign from Etsy seller barnowlprimatives

Eva Colored Glass Lamp from Pottery Barn

Alexis Ceramic Lamp from Pottery Barn

Paolo Stripe from Pottery Barn

Link Beach Pillow from By The Sea Decor

Coastal Pillows from Pottery Barn

Are you getting a sense of my vision for this room yet?  I still have a lot to figure out (and purchase/make) but I’m excited about the direction this room is headed.  What do you think?

I’m sharing this post with the Show Me The Progress Party at Serenity Now.

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