Jun 27 10
by cara
at 9:01 AM
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Flag Wreath

I’ll devote an entire post to last night’s party sometime soon, but I wanted to share this project since July 4th is quickly approaching.  Lately I’ve been wanting to create and make, feeling motivated and wanting to dip my toes into a few crafty projects.  I was inspired by the July issue of Good Housekeeping to make a festive wreath for the 4th of July.  This craft requires only two relatively inexpensive supplies: a foam craft wreath and tiny flag toothpicks…lots and lots of flag toothpicks:

The directions are simple: Stick the flag toothpicks in the foam wreath until the wreath looks full and fluffy.  That’s all there is to it!

(In need of a better wreath hanger for the front door….)

The wreath took me about 2 hours to complete and I found the repetitive nature of the task to be a nice little stress-reliever.  I used around 600 toothpicks on mine (they came in boxes of 120), and there are some places on the sides of the wreath that could still use more.  I would advise starting with the inside of the wreath, instead of the front as I did.  I think this would be fun for older kids to do on their own (maybe on a smaller wreath), and I let The Littlest Apple poke a few toothpicks into my wreath.

Isn’t this fun and easy?  A cute and festive flag wreath to use for July 4th, Memorial Day, Flag day, and any other time you feel like breaking out some patriotic red, white, and blue!

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