Jun 21 10
by cara
at 12:53 PM
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GI Update: Clogged Tube and Tape Removal

First of all, I want you all to go check out this post on gastroparesis at LittleStomaks today that mentions us.  I was SO excited to read this!  This post is the result of a comment I left on a post last week about when to worry about your underweight child.  It totally made my day to help spread some information about gastroparesis!  LittleStomaks is a fantastic blog about toddler nutrition, and I hope you’ll check it out!

Now, on to the update…

When we’re actually using The Littlest Apple’s NG tube with a formula that doesn’t make him hyperactive, we feel encouraged and hopeful that he’s gaining weight and getting the calories he needs.  But it seems that more often than not, we’re facing obstacle after obstacle.  Does it seem that way to you, too, my readers?

We waited on the shipment of new formula (the one containing pureed chicken, peas, green beans, peaches and cranberries) for 5 days. During those 5 days, we opted NOT to use the old formula since it was making him so crazy.  So finally, FINALLY the new formula came last Thursday!  That evening, we set everything up, primed the pump, then checked the NG tube only to find it CLOGGED!  The NG tube should be flushed out with water after each night feed, but during those 5 days of nothing, we didn’t flush it because we didn’t put any formula in it.  Lesson learned.  Flush your NG tube at least once a day, whether you’re using it or not.

When an NG tube gets clogged, you have to remove it and place a new one which is traumatic for everyone involved (to say the least).  But just to add another obstacle, we didn’t really have the supplies we needed on hand.  (Another lesson learned-always have a spare tube!).  We removed the tube and tape on Saturday morning.

Here’s what his cheek looked like under the tape:

It was even bleeding a little. (Oh, and he’s got fudgsicle on his face too, in case you were wondering.)  Poor kid.  Looks like he was allergic to the most recent tape we used.  The tape (Duoderm) was supposed to be gentler on the skin than the harsher Tegederm (which we use on top of that).  I guess I should have been prepared for that since I had a blistery reaction to the tape used after my emergency c-section when The Littlest Apple was born and after my ruptured ectopic pregnancy surgery in December.  The Littlest Apple certainly seems to have inherited all of my skin sensitivities.

So now we’re keeping the NG tube out and tape off his face until his cheeks heal.  This is really slowing his weight gain down, but I’m thoroughly enjoying kissing his sweet little (slightly chubbier?) cheeks in the meantime.  And dreading the NG tube re-placement.  The Picky Apple and I have decided we’re going to try it on our own next time.

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