May 20 10
by cara
at 12:16 PM
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That’s me shouting “UNCLE!” and shaking my fists at the sky.  In the last 24 hours The Littlest Apple has:

  • vomited
  • had NG tube removed (it was coming out of his mouth as a result of the aforementioned vomiting, so we had to pull it)
  • diarrhea (and associated accidents)
  • 3 or 4 chipped front teeth (the top two look particularly bad)

And we’re on vacation at the beach, heading home tomorrow.  A shorter than expected trip to the beach after our flight on Saturday morning was CANCELLED with little (no?) notice (we had already cleared security by the time we learned of the cancellation).  The next available flight wasn’t until Monday, shaving a good 2 days off of our week at the beach.  I stewed about that for a good while (and I’m still a little bitter that we weren’t compensated in any way), but now we’re here!  At the beach, on our “relaxing” vacation.  But apparently I needed a little reminder that nothing about life with The Littlest Apple is relaxing.  In case I had forgotten.  Which I hadn’t.


I think we’re going to need a vacation from this vacation.

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  1. Oh honey… I’m so sorry! It’s really crazy how traveling, a vacation, with kids is everything but relaxing!
    Take care… I hope things get better…

  2. Cara, I am so sorry! Hang in there, sweetie!

  3. Oh WOW. Life and kids… I will never forget eating thanksgiving dinner at the beach house with my brother’s family (flew in from OH) and mine and my parents. A much needed break from life and school. One started to vomit, then the other, then the other, then me. They were crying for me and getting sick EVERYWHERE and I was so sick I literally could not walk. By day three of me vomiting and mom crying b/c she had to deal with so much of it I almost had to call 911 on myself. Life does take a different path, doesn’t it.

    What happened to his teeth??!?!? And is this a virus? Sounds like it. Poor baby and poor you. It is NOT fair and you are SO ALLOWED TO SCREAM THAT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!! Hang in there, prayers are on their way!

  4. This was our first vacation with The Littlest Apple. I can definitely understand why I’ve heard that vacation with little ones isn’t always a vacation!!

    Katherine-what a story!! Thankfully, only The Littlest Apple was sick and injured on our trip, but whew, that was enough.

    Teeth Injury: The Littlest Apple loves to jump around on and wrestle with us on the bed. He was jumping on his daddy when he hit his mouth right on top of my husband’s head. Chipped 4 teeth (3 top and 1 bottom). They are all kinds of jagged (except for the one that has 1/2 missing), but they don’t seem to be bothering him. I’ll be getting him to the dentist sometime next week just to get things checked out.

    And no, he didn’t have a virus. He vomited first thing in the morning after his medicine (domperidone) and a belly full of milk after a night feed w/ the feeding pump. The, er……issues on the other end are a side effect of the antibiotics he’s on for an ear infection, diagnosed the day before we left town. Did I mention he has ear infection too? Yeah. He’s kind of falling apart right now.

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