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What The Littlest Apple is Reading, February 27

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Baby Happy, Baby Sad, by Leslie Patricelli:  I thought that The Littlest Apple had outgrown all of his Leslie Patricelli books (in addition to this one, we also own Quiet Loud, Yummy Yucky, No No Yes Yes, and Big Little).  We haven’t read these in at least 6 months, but he got them out one day last week and has been asking for them constantly!  The simple text and colorful illustrations are endearing.  I’m trying to ask The Littlest Apple lots of questions as we look at the books, and I think I may start using these to help him learn to spell some of the simpler words like “yes,” “no,” “sad” and “big.”

Baby Happy Baby Sad

I’m Dirty, by Kate & Jim McMullan: The story of a backhoe loader with attitude who loves to get dirty.  There is a counting exercise as the loader cleans up a mess.  My son enjoys this one since it’s about a backhoe, but my husband and I don’t care for it.  We think the “attitude” is a little too strong, like the authors are trying too hard to make this “cool.”  Ditto for I’m Stinky, about a garbage truck.

I'm Dirty

Firefighter Frank, by Monica Wellington:  The Littlest Apple is on a bit of a firefighter kick right now, so I grabbed this book from the library, knowing how much we love Monica Wellington’s vivid illustrations.  The story takes the reader through a day in the life of Firefighter Frank, grocery shopping with the crew, checking the fire engines and equipment, fighting fires, eating a late dinner, and sleeping at the fire station.

Firefighter Frank

Curious George and the Firefighters, by Margaret & H.A. Rey: Two of The Littlest Apple’s favorite things combined: 1) Curious George and 2) Firefighters!  He got this book for Christmas to go with his Fire Chief costume.  These stories are just the right length for The Littlest Apple, accompanied by lots of illustrations.  We really enjoy all of our Curious George stories!

Curious George and the Firefighters

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  1. We love Curious George books here. They are always a big hit.

  2. I’m with you on the attitude that shows up in some kid books. It’s rather disturbing they think this makes it “cool.”

  3. Thanks for joining this week – you were missed 🙂 I totally agree with you – I actually sort of leaf through the books before reading them with daughter and “nix” the ones with the “wrong” message (at least wrong message for our approach). Anna also sometimes likes to read her old favorites (fortunately for me she does it on her own), and I am definitely going to look for Monica Wellington books in the library.

  4. I forgot about the Leslie Patricelli books. Thanks for reminding me about them. I’ll have to get them to read to my son!

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