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Painting Our Master Bedroom

The Littlest Apple’s GI checkup is tomorrow morning, and I’m more than a little anxious about it since it is clear that his medicine has made no difference whatsoever in the last two months.  I’m going to distract myself with this frivolous post about house stuff.  (I’ll report in sometime in the next few days about how the appointment goes.)

Our downstairs is decently painted, decorated and furnished (though I’m already ready to repaint!).  The playroom is well on its way.  The Littlest Apple’s room is painted, furnished and decorated.  His bathroom makeover is also looking better.

One room we’ve sorely neglected is our bedroom.  There are so many things to love about our bedroom.  It is large (for the size of our house) and gets great light from a wall of 3 windows.  The master bathroom is a good size, and our closet is a huge walk-in.

This room has so much potential, but we’ve really ignored it so far.  We don’t have much in the way of bedroom furniture.  We’ve got 2 night stands, a chest of drawers, a bed (no headboard), and a bookshelf way too small for all of my books.  That’s it as far as bedroom furniture goes.

Because this is such a big room, our bedroom is also currently home to The Giant Red Couch (formerly in the playroom…our first purchase from our apartment days) and the matching Giant Red Chair and Ottoman which are awaiting their fated trip to Goodwill.  I love having a giant chair in the room as a reading spot, but the giant red pieces have GOT to go.  Although they are comfortable, they are oversized, faded, scratched from our cat,  and have no business in our bedroom.  They also completely clash with the color scheme I have in mind.  One of spa-like, serene blue-gray and white.

A couple of years ago, I bought this bedding for our room:

Striped Bedding Master

Cole Stripe Silk Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn

I LOVE the colors of this bedding.  Love it.  This is the color palette I want in our bedroom.  But the duvet ripped (though I’m hoping to repair it).  Not sure why this picture is so dark…it really does look as pretty as it does in the image above!

Ripped Duvet

And now I’m thinking maybe I like the idea of having all white bedding, like this:

All White Bedding

image from Pottery Barn

I”m particularly liking this:

White Duvet

image from Pottery Barn

I have been going round and round with what color to paint the walls of our bedroom.  In fact, shortly after we moved in over 3 years ago, I started putting paint samples up on the wall.

Some blues….

Blue Paint Swatches

And a couple of browns, because at first I wasn’t sure I wanted blue walls….

Brown Paint Swatches

THREE YEARS LATER those paint swatches are still there. THREE YEARS, we’ve been staring at those swatches on our bedroom wall!! We like none of them.  They are all too dark.  Finding the perfect blue-gray is tricky.  Yet another reason I want to switch the bedding to all white is so I’m not trying to match (or coordinate) the wall color to the striped bedding.

So the search for the perfect paint color begins again.  I’m looking for a blue-gray that is serene and subtle.  I’ve seen quite a few colors on blogs that I’m going to track down, but you never really know what it will look like in your OWN room, you know?  I’m hoping to start painting (or at least pick a color) this weekend.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, I’m so sorry that your son has to go through that. Our “Snow White” was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) at a year.
    She threw up about 10-12 times a day for over 3 years.

  2. will be thinking about you all tomorrow and hope you get something to help out.

    you are way too much like me!! i did an ivory solid bedding like that from west elm and my bedroom is painted a blueish gray color that i ADORE! now i changed the bedding to pottery barn yellow pick stick quilt but i loved the crisp of the ivory!! the finished pics show the color of my room but it might be a tad darker than you are thinking! http://www.cookingupafamily.com/home/2009/10/13/inspired-lamp-redo.html

  3. Good luck – with tomorrow’s appointment and with the painting!! You are ambitious to even paint your room in the first place. I get so overwhelmed with the choices and I end up just convincing myself that I’m ok with basic white! 🙂

  4. Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you guys 🙂

  5. If you’d like a suggestion, I find the prettiest subtle soft colors in the WHITE palate chart with a hint of blue, or grey, or pink the ones I don’t tire of and there are so many and they are not really white, but they are all in the WHITE color charts. I could give you three examples of the paint we used last year and they are all in the white chart and one is creamy-yellow, one is pink and the other is blue. Remember two coats of paint darkens it up quite a bit if you do a test spot. I love picking paint colors-my neighbor comes over all the times and asks me to pick paint for her 🙂 I can’t wait to see photos when you are finished.

  6. We love American White by Benjamin Moore. It’s a very muted gray. Good luck with the appointment tomorrow — you and the little guy are in my prayers!

  7. don’t go colors that are too dark because they are not soothing and will make your room look much smaller… remember your room is to get rest so find a color that helps you do that!

  8. Katseybones permalink

    I searched high and low for the perfect blue grey and everything was too blue. I finally found the color wheat bread from Home Depot and am SO in love with it. Definitely more grey than blue but you could always play around and have them add a dash of blue and try it in sample size first. It’s the PERFECT grey!

  9. Susan1100 permalink

    I had the same Cole bedding from Pottery Barn.  Mine ripped too!! I was devastated, I also loved it, and now P.B. has discontinued it!

  10. Superb pics.I really lke this post.Specially the color of bedding.

    One of the best blogs I’ve read recently. Really well
    written and gave lots of useful info.

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