Jan 26 12
by cara
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Cupcake Liner Wreath

I’m normally quite the homebody, but over the weekend, I really just reached a point where I needed to get out of the house for a little bit.  My destination?  Hobby Lobby!  I had the crafting bug, and wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day.  I don’t have ANY Valentine’s decorations.  Not a one.  So I thought I’d remedy that, starting with this wreath.  Now I’m know I’m a few years behind the curve with using cupcake liners for wreaths, but I’ve run across a few of these on Pinterest lately and thought this would be an easy, relatively mindless craft for me to tackle in this post-baby haze I’m in right now.  (My pictures aren’t the greatest…they were taken on a particularly stormy day here…)

First, I covered the wreath with ribbon.  I actually forgot to buy ribbon for this step, but I found some red glittery ribbon in my stash to use.  It was sheer, but I made it work anyway.

It seems there are several different techniques for how to fold your cupcake liners for a wreath.  I decided to keep things simple and just folded my cupcake liners in half.  I originally tried folding the cupcake liners more, didn’t like the section I glued, and ripped them all off.  I’ve seen that technique used effectively, but for some reason I couldn’t get the hang of it.

I applied hot glue to a small section (maybe 1 inch) then stuck on the cupcake liners as quickly as possible.  Then repeated all the way around the wreath.  I used about 250-275 cupcake liners.

Once I finished the cupcake liners, I hot-glued these felt flowers (also purchased at Hobby Lobby).

An easy wreath for Valentine’s Day!

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