Jan 3 12
by cara
at 6:21 PM
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Hospital Snacks For The New Dad

Today The Picky Apple and I celebrate 8 years of marriage.  We’ve been together for 14 years total, and I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.  Our anniversary celebration is being overshadowed by Baby Slingshot’s imminent arrival, so we’re not really doing much to celebrate today.  We may watch our wedding video with The Littlest Apple this evening, but that’s about it!

HOWEVER, since I was already planning on putting together some goodies for The Picky Apple to have at the hospital (after seeing this on Pinterest), I thought I’d make it a two-fer and give it as an anniversary gift.

I included several things he asked to have for snacks (almonds, peanut butter, apples, Goldfish) and several things I know he likes (Reeses Pieces, Snickers, string cheese, Diet Dr. Pepper, peanut butter and cheese crackers).  The Picky Apple has already seen the snacks because he unloaded my groceries from the car after I got home from the grocery store yesterday.  (See what I mean?!  He’s great!)  I spent about 5 minutes throwing this basket together.  Since my focus the last couple days has been on deep cleaning the house, I decided my time was better spent cleaning than making the “perfect” little tags for the gift basket with scrapbook paper and fun scissors.  I’m sure The Picky Apple understands.  In fact, I think he’d much rather have a gunk-free, science-experiment-free refrigerator than adorable gift tags on his hospital snacks.  So he got random, but oh-so-colorful paint chips instead.

I tried to incorporate the snack title in as many of the labels as possible: for the nuts, “I’m NUTS for you!”, for the goldfish, “There are lots of FISH in the sea, but you’re the only one for me!”.  You get the idea.  But for several, I just wrote a sweet note.  The Diet Dr. Pepper note says “You’ve been such a great dad to Finley and I can’t wait to see you hold our new baby boy!”

Happy Anniversary, Nathan!  I love you!

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  1. Asiamhadley permalink

    That’s such a neat idea. I know he enjoyed the snacks.
    -Asia (You’re new blog fan!!)

  2. Asiamhadley permalink

    That’s such a neat idea. I know he enjoyed the snacks.
    -Asia (You’re new blog fan!!)

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