Oct 24 11
by cara
at 3:49 PM
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Pumpkin Flower Pot

I’ve seen lots of pictures in magazines and on Pinterest where a large pumpkin was used as a vase for a floral centerpiece….

This variation was new to me, however.  The Littlest Apple brought this home from his Gardening Club at preschool today, and I thought this idea was too cute not to share. They used mini pumpkins not as vases, but as flower pots!  They scooped out the insides of the pumpkins, then filled the pumpkins with soil and flowers.  This would look really neat in a larger pumpkin too!  The coolest thing about this project is that it is 100% biodegradable!  You can plant the pumpkin in a pot or in your garden as soon as you’re done with it.  This was obviously planted by a preschooler, but isn’t this a cute idea?

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