May 25 11
by cara
at 7:03 PM
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Can I Get a Do-Over?

If you are reading this post via RSS feed, then you may not have even noticed this.  But if you visit my blog to read/comment, then you may have noticed that the Cleaning Calendar in the right sidebar is from APRIL!!

And it’s May 25.

That gives you a pretty good idea of where I stand on my One Little Word for 2011.

I’m behind.

I’ve fallen off the house cleaning wagon.

This happens with lots of long term goals, doesn’t it?  You start out strong.  Things go well for a few months.  Then things get busy, life gets in the way, and next thing you know, that goal has fallen off of your daily radar.

Well I’m taking action!

I’ll be getting back on track starting this weekend, so keep an eye out for a new JUNE Cleaning Calendar popping up sometime in the next few days.

Since The Littlest Apple is out of school for summer and we’re still adjusting to our new summer routines, my cleaning calendar may be changing a bit.  But I’ll still have my Dailies, Weeklies, and Zone Cleaning to work with.  I’m excited to dive back in and start checking off that little list again!

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