May 10 11
by cara
at 2:46 PM
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Tile-Roofed Birdhouses

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day weekend plus a sinus infection plus an awful case of food poisoning Sunday night through Monday has kept me away from the blog for the last few days.  But now I can finally share the gifts we created for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day this year.

The first gift was The Littlest Apple’s idea.  He told my mom that she needed a birdhouse for her newly landscaped backyard, and she requested that he make one.  I thought a birdhouse would be a great idea for BOTH grandmas, so an idea was born!

I purchased the unfinished birdhouses and glass tiles at Hobby Lobby.  The Littlest Apple selected the beautiful Spa Blue paint color (intended for outdoor use), and he also helped put hot glue on the roof tiles (though he wasn’t as interested in placement; I took care of that….as you can tell!).  I think the glass tiles really MAKE the birdhouse, don’t you?  The Littlest Apple also placed his handprint of the back of the birdhouse.  I would have stopped there, but The Picky Apple added a perch for the birds to stand on, a hanging hook to the top, and requested that I paint the trim white, which I did.  It does look much more finished that way, I’ll admit.  What began as a quick little Mother’s Day craft from The Littlest Apple turned into a labor of love from our whole family, and I’m very pleased with the result!

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