Apr 29 11
by cara
at 8:20 PM
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Feeding Tube Anniversary

As of today (April 29, 2011) The Littlest Apple has had a feeding tube for one whole year.

One year ago today (April 29, 2010), The Littlest Apple got his first NG tube.  At that time, he weighed 22 pounds (2 years and 7 months old).

5 rather rocky months later, The Littlest Apple had surgery for placement of his g-button.

pre-surgery, in his cool hospital jammies

Since then, things have been great!

Here’s The Littlest Apple today (3 years and 7 months old)….

He’s now 29.2 pounds and 37 inches tall.  He’s finally on the charts for weight (3%) and height (10%).  We’re so thankful for his feeding tube (g-button)!

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  1. This warms my heart… he has grown SO MUCH!!! You don’t have a “little boy” anymore! I know it has been hard, but you have made it through so much… you are a SUPER MOM!

  2. Cara permalink

    Thanks Katherine! Seeing the growth in these photos warms my heart too. Making that initial decision to go the feeding tube route was tough, but what a life-changer! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Jdorworth permalink

    What a miracle. I am so happy to hear that your son is doing so well right now. And thank you for this post – it couldn’t have come at a better time. My son (now 2 1/2) has had GP since 17 mths old and it is a daily struggle – as you know. He only weighs about 24 lbs and no matter what we do we can’t seem to keep weight on him. He is back on e-mycin for a month then we will reassess. If no success with that we will try bethanechol. If still no luck I think we might end up going with a G-Tube. How did you son do with a tube? Did he try pulling it out? And are the feedings done over night so he can still try and eat during the day? Of course we don’t want our son to have to have surgery, but we are at the point where we just want him to be okay. The constant fear and worry are getting to be too much to handle.

  4. Purplemoon831 permalink

    I am so glad your son is doing better! I do have a question though. How did you know he needed to go on the g-tube. My daughter is 3 yrs and 5mos and only weighs 25 lbs. Which she has been at seems like forever. My daughters doctor doesn’t seemed at all concerned that she barely eats and barely gains weight at all. I am concerned because my son who is 10 mos old is already 21 lbs. Any suggestions?

  5. Andrea Gaines permalink

    Cara, He looks AWESOME!!! So glad you have a happy super hero too. 😉
    Lilly is 25 lbs. on a good day, but then recently got sick and lost a pound in no time! Par for the course though. She just turned 3 yrs. old, so I am hoping that we have good news to report in 7 months as well. 🙂 I have been wondering out Finn has been doing. Thank you so much for the update. 🙂 You are a GREAT mom!! Keep up all of your hard work!!

  6. Anna Halverson permalink

    Congrats Cara! You are amazing. Your little guy is not so little anymore and he’s just so cute!! I haven’t checked your blog in a while but I was searching for something in gmail and saw an old email from you and thought I’d see how things were going. I am so amazed/impressed that you are able to maintain such an active pace and find time to cook great meals, do fun projects AND clean your house! I love your cleaning calendar, by the way. I may borrow that. I am pretty rigorous about keeping things neat and orderly but I am a very lazy house cleaner. So we don’t have clutter but we have dust bunnies, dirty floors and greasy/dirty fingerprints EVERYWHERE. Do you really do laundry every day or is it just on the schedule if there is laundry to be done?

    I wish we lived closer I think we would be great friends.

  7. Sewstrait permalink

    Fantastic post!  I came across your site looking for drop cloth curtains.  Now I’m glad I did!  My two friends have sons with feeding tubes.  It has been and interesting and sometimes scary two years with their sons.  We are constantly visitng each other in the hospital for one reason or another.  
    Long and short- we started a company to make the lives of parents with special needs kids easier.  Check us out @ http://www.feedingessentials.com   We specialize in custom made products for tubies!

  8. Sewstrait permalink

    Hope you don’t mind, I shared your blog with our facebook crowd!  Thanks again for being such an inspiration and raising a thriving son!  :D 

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