Apr 24 11
by cara
at 8:18 PM
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Easter Egg Sculpture

Happy Easter!!

Are you wondering what to do with all of those leftover plastic Easter eggs?  Well, here’s an easy little project: create an Easter egg sculpture!

The Littlest Apple made this all by himself, using a glue gun.  Yes, a glue gun!  After reading all of Teacher Tom‘s posts about using glue guns with his preschool co-op, I thought we’d give it a try.  The Littlest Apple is always so fascinated with my glue gun whenever I’m using it for my own crafts, but I’ve never let him use it (or even touch it).  I explained the “rules” of using a glue gun, showed him which parts are hot, and how to use it safely.

I was so amazed at how much care The Littlest Apple took while using the glue gun!  He didn’t burn himself at all, and worked until we had used all of the supplies I provided.  For my impatient little guy who doesn’t like to wait for glue to dry, the near-instant dry time of the glue gun was just perfect.  He was pleased as punch not only with getting to use the glue gun, but also with his sculpture.  I’m looking forward to creating more sculptures using the glue gun in the future!

Have you let your kids use glue guns?

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  1. Tom Hobson permalink

    This post makes me very happy.

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