Apr 20 11
by cara
at 6:06 PM
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Easter Cross Suncatcher

Today was The Littlest Apple’s class Easter Party and Egg Hunt.  For the last few days, I’ve been busily prepping the craft and taking care of last minute party details.  Things went SO smoothly today.  Our best party yet!

I love this craft!  You’ve seen variations of it before: the Heart Suncatchers from last year’s school party and the Rainbow Suncatchers we did with the Art Playgroup (I miss you guys!).  It’s simply 2 pieces of clear contact paper with tissue paper sandwiched between.  For this cross variation, I also added a black construction paper outline to emphasize the shape, and I’m so glad that I did.  The black outline really stands out!  This craft required lots of cutting on my part-28 crosses (1 front, 1 back for 14 kids), the black outline piece, and all of the tissue paper squares.  The results were definitely worth it though.  The kids and moms all loved this one.  It’s great for fine motor skills, too!

They look so beautiful hanging in the window with the sun streaming in.  A perfect little reminder of the true meaning of Easter!

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  1. Counting Coconuts permalink

    SO pretty! Just reposted on my CC FB page. 🙂

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