Apr 18 11
by cara
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Spring Flowers

I spent some time over the weekend adding some spring color to our front flower beds.  I can handle my square foot garden fairly well, but when it comes to flowers (particularly those in the front yard), I seem to have a black thumb.

I planted daisies, begonias, petunias, salvia, and marigolds.  I’m hopeful that I can water them enough (and not too much) and that we’ve got the right amount of sun and shade in the spot where they are planted.

Waiting to be planted….

This evening, I brought in the first the first gardenia bloom from the backyard.  So fragrant!  I love gardenia!

The Littlest Apple and I also enjoyed the first strawberry from my square foot garden.  We’ve had a baby bunny in our backyard munching on strawberries, but I bunny-proofed, and now we’re enjoying the first fruits of the season.  That one little strawberry we had was delicious.  Perfectly ripe and sweeter than any store-bought strawberry I’ve had recently.  Just perfect.  I can’t wait to enjoy more!

Still on my to-do list for spring planting: lavender (didn’t make it through the winter), basil, blueberries, peppers, jasmine, moonflower, 4 o’clocks, and evening primrose.  I’m also hoping to build (okay, ask my husband to build) The Littlest Apple his very own square foot garden.  Then he can dig, plant, and scoop dirt to his little heart’s content.

What kind of spring planting are you doing?

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  1. Jennifer permalink

    Such pretty flowers! I’ve got some marigolds I planted out front, and I’m starting some other flowers by seed. I love how I can’t help but smile when I see flowers!

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