Apr 10 11
by cara
at 8:42 PM
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Apple Picks

I am SO behind on my blog reading and commenting right now.  I’ve got close to 800 unread posts in Google Reader right now.  I really should just click “mark all as read” but I just can’t bring myself to do that!

I’ve also got a bunch of tabs open in Firefox right now with various articles, recipes and new-to-me blogs I want to check out….

There are another 7 not visible.

So tonight instead of my normal Apple Picks, I’m just going to share some of those tabs, the things I’m looking at right this very second.

Knitty Bitties Etsy Shop– Camera strap slipcovers, iPad cases, pouches, clutches all in cute, bright fabrics

Debra Prinzing– gardening inspiration

The Grass Stain Guru– “Childhood was meant to be messy.”  A blog about outdoor play

Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings– home decor inspiration

Sugar Boo Prints on ArtCraft

Potato Pie Recipe @ Always With Butter

Scissors and Spatulas– a blog about creative and crafty projects

Whole New Mom– a blog about “real food, frugality and faith for a fast-paced world”

Where Can I Find Real Milk?

Big Kahuna Hawaiian Salad with Pineapple Tahini Dressing @ Healthy Happy Life

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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing my site, The Grass Stain Guru! Very kind. – Bethe @Balmeras

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