Mar 20 11
by cara
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CLEAN In 2011: Cleaning the Oven

Time to let you all in on my dirty little secret. We’ve lived in this house since it was built in September of 2006, and I just cleaned the inside of the oven for the first time last week!


That’s four and a half years without cleaning the oven. And y’all know how much I love to cook and bake, so it’s not like it has been sitting in pristine condition for the last few years!!

Our oven has one of those “Self Clean” buttons, and I remember thinking about using it back when The Littlest Apple was about 6 months old (so, 3 years ago!). But when I looked at the oven manual to see what I needed to do, it said that it would take 4 hours to run the self clean cycle, that you needed to open all the windows, keep children out of the house, and take any small pet birds out of the house so they didn’t die from the fumes. THAT didn’t sound too promising.

As a result, I knew I was going to have to use some good old fashioned elbow grease on the oven and some kind of oven cleaning product. The ONE time I cleaned our apartment oven during law school, the oven cleaner fumes were so strong they made me sick. None of that sounded too appealing, so I put this task off for a few more years. Until last week. Who sees the inside of the oven, anyway?! It’s been my dirty little secret.

Until now.

Here’s what my oven looked like (I can’t believe I’m showing you this!)…..

The whole thing is awful, but the door was particularly disgusting.  You couldn’t see through the window!

I finally got around to cleaning it.  I used one of my favorite new cleaning products, Shaklee Scour Off Paste:

If you remember, I used Scour Off to scrub hard water stains in my bathroom sinks.  Well, this stuff is GREAT for cleaning ovens, too!  And it smells like cherries (no strong fumes) and doesn’t irritate my skin.  Yes, you have to use lots of elbow grease, but I think that’s to be expected when you’re oven is THAT dirty to begin with.

After two rounds with the Scour Off Paste (and a good 30-45 minutes of scrub, scrubbing scrubbing), here’s what the door looks like:

Big difference, right?!  Go ahead and scroll back up to the “Before” picture one more time!  It still needs another round (or two….or three) of cleaning, but I can actually see in the door now.  Yippee!  And I hereby promise to never ever let my oven get that dirty again.

How often do you clean your oven?  Do you have a self cleaning oven?

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