Mar 4 11
by cara
at 12:33 PM
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Mardi Gras Sensory Bin

I LOVE this sensory bin!  I think it is my favorite one yet, and I can’t wait to surprise The Littlest Apple with it after preschool today!

For the Mardi Gras sensory bin, I used rice for the base.  I colored the rice with Liquid Watercolors (just keep adding and stirring until you get it to the color you want), and set it outside to dry for a few hours.  This was my first time making colored rice, and I’ll definitely be doing this again!  These photos were obviously taken before The Littlest Apple had a chance to mix up all the rice, but I think it looks so neat like this!

I found all of my Mardi Gras supplies at Party City.  I was a little disappointed not to find much Mardi Gras stuff at Hobby Lobby, but Party City saved the day!

Here’s what’s in the bin:

  • Green, purple, and yellow rice
  • Feathers from a Mardi Gras boa
  • Large ornament-like beads and disco ball beads, cut from necklaces
  • Smaller beaded necklaces (uncut)
  • Green and harlequin masks
  • There are supposed to be doubloons (gold coins) in there too, but they didn’t make it into this photo
  • A Gold Crown for the King of the Krewe to wear while playing!  The crown is predictably way too big, but we’re going to figure out something so The Littlest Apple can wear it.  He LOVES the crown (and the masks!).

I’ll be unplugging tomorrow for a little R & R, but stay tuned for more Mardi Gras fun!

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