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by cara
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You Know You’re A Book Lover When…

I was talking with my friend recently about things we are passionate about, things we truly love.  One of those things is books!  I’m a bibliophile!  To other book lovers, many of the things I do would seem completely normal, but to someone who doesn’t love books as much as I do (like my friend and my husband), they think I’m just a little crazy.

Can you relate to any of this?

You know you’re a true bibliophile when…..

  • you can’t fall asleep without reading first, even if you’re already late getting to bed
  • you’re reading 4 (or more!) books at the same time
  • there is a stack of unread books next your nightstand, waiting their turn…
  • …and you still buy more new books to add to the pile
  • you keep a running list of books you’ve read and books you want to read
  • the list of books you want to read has 1745 items on it
  • you stay up until the wee hours of the morning to finish a great book, even when you know your child is going to get up at 5:30
  • you read while you brush your teeth.  In fact, you walk from the bathroom all the way to your nightstand and back, just to get a book to read while you brush your teeth, even though it only takes a minute or two!
  • you read while you put on your makeup in the morning
  • you read while you’re in the bathroom (TMI?)
  • you read while you blow dry and style your hair
  • you read in the bathtub.  (in fact, you may prefer taking baths for this very reason!)
  • you read during your kid’s naptime, even though you should probably be doing something more productive like cleaning or taking a nap yourself (since you stayed up so late the night before reading!)
  • you’d rather read than watch TV
  • you read books that reflect every area of your life
  • have a problem?  read a book about that topic!
  • if there is a series of books, as soon as you finish one, you pick up the next one immediately
  • you go the library regularly
  • you are well acquainted with your library’s online book reservation policies
  • you could spend hours just browsing in a bookstore
  • you have trouble getting rid of old books
  • you own a Kindle/Nook/Ipad, and you’ve already blown your budget for new books, so you’re reading all of the free stuff you can download (even though some of it is mediocre)
  • you subscribe to a magazine that is solely about books and book reviews, then read it and carefully mark the books that sound interesting (and then add those to your mile-long wish list)
  • you read blogs about books
  • you look at the book section every time you go to Target or the grocery store
  • your favorite present to give to others (for any occasion!!) is books
  • you have pre-ordered books that haven’t been released yet
  • when you were in college/law school, you got excited about buying the books for each of your classes at the beginning of the semester
  • you got there early to buy the newest Harry Potter books as soon as they were released, then went straight home and read them cover to cover  (and then maybe started over again)
  • you agree that the book is always better than the movie

Are you a book lover?  What kinds of crazy things have you done in the name of book-love?

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