Feb 12 11
by cara
at 8:13 PM
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Feeding Tube Awareness: A Few Things I Want You To Know

A Few Things I Want You To Know…

  • My son’s g-tube (and gastroparesis) does not define him.  In fact, it’s only a small part of who he is.  He is a high energy, spirited, funny, curious 3 year old who loves trucks, Buzz Lightyear, playing in the sandbox, and singing songs from the Glee soundtrack.
  • When you see my son eating fries and a milkshake for lunch, don’t be so quick to judge us.
  • The g-tube doesn’t prevent him from doing much of anything.  He is still the same little boy who likes to run, jump, bump, tackle, and head butt.  We probably won’t let him play tackle football when he gets older (much to his dismay), but there will definitely be sports in his future, g-tube or not!  He can still go swimming in the pool or in the ocean, wrestle with his dad, and pretty much anything else he sets his mind to.
  • My son is a very intelligent little boy.  Please don’t think that because he has a g-tube that he is developmentally delayed.
  • We don’t know what caused his gastroparesis or how long he will have it.  He may have his g-tube for life, though we’re hoping he’ll eventually be able to eat enough calories on his own.  But you know what?  We’re okay with that.
  • Don’t feel sorry for him.  Or for us.
  • This g-tube is SUCH a GIFT!  I am so thankful for this amazing medical technology, our health insurance, and all of the other many, many blessings in our lives.  This is not something that would have been possible 100 years ago, or even today in many other countries where people don’t have access to medicines and hospitals (let alone health insurance).  We are very fortunate, indeed!
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  1. Kaylean permalink


    Your son is also one of the most coordinated 3 year olds that I have ever been around. He is very athletic already!!

  2. Brittney permalink

    It’s so great to see your positive outlook on DGE. My daughter was treated for DGE as a baby, though I think a huge reason for hers was severe food allergies. Good luck to you!

  3. I am sure that it has taken a lot of growing and pain to get where you are, but you have an amazing outlook and attitude and your son is one lucky little guy to have such a fabulous mother.

  4. Jeni permalink

    We have a g tube 2 (well my 2 1/2 year old I mean). I had no idea there was an awareness week (all the special needs awareness weeks are in Feb… any clue why? It makes it very difficult when you child belongs to a billion the same week. Hey yall its cleft, 22q, VCFS, CHD, G Tube awareness week! Really! lol. Good to find a mom dealing with these issues too!

  5. Anonymous permalink


    Thanks for your comment! I have no idea why so many of the Awareness weeks are in February…maybe to tie in with Valentine’s Day somehow? You’ve definitely got your hands full (and I don’t even know what all of those abbreviations are!). I know we are in a unique (and fortunate) situation with a g-tube and no other special needs. Thanks for stopping by!

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