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by cara
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Paint Swatches

Here’s what one of the walls in our kitchen looks like right now….

All of the paints except the bottom one are from Martha Stewart’s line that is available at The Home Depot.  Great color options and I love that the paint is low-odor.

I can’t wait to get rid of that yellow, but it’s a little scary selecting ONE color to use throughout the kitchen, living room, entry, dining room, powder room and stairwell.  We’ve narrowed it down to 2 of these….

Any guesses on which one of these colors we’ll be using?  Any favorites?

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  1. Amanda W permalink

    I like the Heath!! Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  2. Andrea Apple permalink

    Great minds think alike! I just brought home a swath of the heath from Home Depot today for our living room. That’s my vote!

  3. mama walker permalink

    haha! we had the same problem in our house when we first moved in. we went with stonington beige from glidden and had it put in sherwin williams paint. anyhoo… its pretty close to heath. we get compliments on it ALL THE TIME!! bye bye yellow!! i do the paint the color on the wall thing too. On EACH wall that is going to be painted. it has paid off huge!!! i have had some rude surprises before. Gotta love painting. its all a process…right?

  4. Ricki permalink

    They all look great! I really like the Buckwheat Flour, but the Heath looks pretty too!

  5. Hmmm I usually go for the lighter option because once the whole room is painted the darker colors can overwhelm. Happy painting!

  6. Carrie Egg permalink

    Oh, hard choice. I like the Heath and the Behr Baja best. Good luck with your kitchen painting 😉

    BTW, I was trying to find a good crock pot recipe for dinner tonight. So, we are trying the Crock Pot Mexican Chicken recipe you posted. Can’t wait to taste it! The smell is wonderful!

  7. ann sellers permalink

    I think the buckwheat and hickory are pretty but that Heath is really something special!

  8. Wow! Too funny that all of you like Heath so much! We’re still trying out some of the colors on different walls around the house. The light really does make a big difference in how the color looks. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we decide….

  9. I like the toasted marshmallow. I was just looking at that shade in Home Depot the other day and thinking of putting it in several rooms.

  10. I would have to run downstairs to check, but I am 99% sure we painted our entire living area (living room, kitchen and hallways) Buckwheat Flour. I LOVE it, it’s a nice neutral and would look great with any color accent wall.

  11. Danielle permalink

    If you haven’t painted yet, you might also like Spartan Stone that Behr makes, you can also find it at home depot. Its not as dark as Heath, but not as light as Buckwheat flour. btw love your Apple Fritter recipe!

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