Dec 15 10
by cara
at 9:48 PM
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Preschool Christmas Program

“What’s that?  Did you say my Christmas Program is tonight?!”

“Oh no!!  I need to practice!”

“Alright.  I’m warmed up.  Mommy, I know the other kids are dressing up, but our class is SUPPOSED to wear pajamas!”

“Wow.  This is a BIG DEAL!  Good thing I look cute in my jammies, because now that I’m up here, I really don’t feel like singing and dancing….”  (The Littlest Apple is on the far left, in case you couldn’t tell….)

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  1. When I taught I used to love the kids that did that.

    Love his PJs they are adorable. I must get Monkey a pair for Christmas eve… I think he’d love it.

    Great photos as always.

    Happy holidays

  2. oh my gosh adorable and love the not looking at the audience, so cute!

  3. How cute! I love preschool programs of any kind, because they all just sort of do whatever and it’s so adorable!

  4. Ricki permalink

    So cute! I love his expression in that second picture!

  5. Carrie permalink

    Cara, he did a great job! All the classes were so cute, but I always love watching the 2’s and 3’s reaction to the microphones and being on the “big” screen!

    Mari and I missed seeing him in drama on Wednesday.

  6. Carrie,

    Thanks! All those bright lights and the big jumbo screen were definitely a distraction for the little ones, but it was such fun watching them. The 2s were especially funny! (And your class did SO great!)

    I REALLY wanted him to stay on Wednesday for Drama, but I’m the room mom for his 3s class, and he was in tears when I tried to leave without him. I think he would have enjoyed acting out The Nativity. Oh well. I’ll be on the lookout for you tomorrow-I’ve got a special little something with your name on it! 🙂

  7. Carrie permalink

    So adorable!

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