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Turkey Paper Bag Puppets

One of my favorite parts of being Room Mom for The Littlest Apple’s preschool class is that I get to be in charge of the crafts.  And the favors.  Oh, and the menu selection, cute snacks and the decorations too!  Okay, I love everything about it, and this year I’m fortunate enough to have a co-room mom to share the responsibilities with who is enthusiastic and reliable, so I don’t actually have to worry about all of those things on my own each time.   We’ve also got a fantastic group of very involved parents.  For that I am truly thankful!

So here’s the craft I’ve been busily prepping today for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Party.  These adorable Turkey Paper Bag Puppets!  Do you remember the other Paper Bag Puppets we made?  Well, I took that idea and transformed it into turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving.

This craft is fairly self-explanatory, but please email me or comment if you want more details about anything.  I tried putting the feathers up top, but ultimately decided they looked better on the sides.  I also cut a few inches off the bottom (top?) of the paper bag so that the turkey looked more proportional.

I could have kept adding more and more details (wings, dots on the beak, the underside of the mouth, a pilgrim hat, etc) but I reminded myself that these are THREE YEAR OLDS!!  I kept all of the feathers the same size for simplicity’s sake (and for my sanity while cutting out 120 feathers in addition to all the other parts!)  I used a combination of cardstock (beak, feet, and wattle) and thinner decorative paper (feathers, stomach).  Everything is cut and ready to go.  All the kids have to do is glue the pieces in place.  It should be interesting to see how this goes tomorrow!

I’m also eager to share the party favors I made.  That’s coming up in just a few posts!

What kinds of Thanksgiving crafts are your kids doing?

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  1. I bet EVERY teacher is going to want you as the room Mom… COUNT on it…!

  2. I made the cutest little turkey rice krispy treats for my 3 year-old’s party. I got the idea off of the rice krispies website where I went for the directions to make the treats themselves. When I saw them, I couldn’t stand it…I had to do it. I simplified it a little, but they turned out so cute and the kids loved them. You should check it out. I’m so excited to find your blog. I love getting new ideas for her parties!

  3. Oh, those are just too cute;)
    We found you on Sunday Best–please come and visit us at–we'd LOVE to see you there;)

  4. this is sooooo unbelievably cute, I love it!

  5. I love his eyes. What fun puppet!

  6. I love paper bag puppets! Your turkey is absolutely adorable.

  7. Nice .Any updates coming soon?

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