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100 Things About Me

The Littlest Apple is home sick today, laying on the couch sleeping and watching TV, and I don’t feel like writing a “serious” post today.  I’ve been thinking that my ABOUT page needs a little tweaking, so let’s make this fun!  Here are 100 Things About Me…

  1. I hate ketchup.
  2. And mayonnaise.
  3. And mustard.
  4. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket.  (knock on wood)
  5. When I was in college, I got hit by a drunk driver.  Nobody got hurt, but it was a great story.  We were at a stoplight waiting to turn out of the Taco Bell parking lot, and the drunk driver turned in to the parking lot , and drove right into the driver’s side of my car (The Picky Apple was driving).  The drunk driver’s truck sort of bounced off of the car, then he drove into a small tree, then he hit a parked car, THEN he drove his truck into a big field behind Taco Bell in an attempt to flee the scene.  (I have the accident report with a little illustration of all of this, right down to the broken little tree, which is highly entertaining).  A few minutes later the drunk driver staggered back over to us, and The Picky Apple yelled at him to stay put.  The police showed up shortly thereafter, and handcuffed the drunk driver (with his hands behind his back) and put him in the back of their car.  While the police were talking to everyone at the scene, the drunk driver wiggled his body through the handcuffs, so that his handcuffs were in front of him.  The police noticed, yanked him out of the car, and re-handcuffed him.  Also, the truck belonged to Drunk Driver’s Friend, who showed up on the scene drunk and angry about the accident.  It was later determined that Drunk Driver’s Friend’s auto insurance was fake. My car was declared totaled as a result of damage from the accident.
  6. If I keep writing long stories for each of these 100 Things this could take a while.  I tend to ramble sometimes.
  7. I’m still driving the car (a 1997 Camry) my parents gave me to replace the other car (that they also gave me) that got totaled.  It’s really nice only having one car payment.
  8. I have really generous parents and in-laws.
  9. I’m not sure what I want to do when it is time to go back to work (when TLA starts kindergarten in 2 or 3 years).  Back to being an attorney?  Freelance writing?  Teaching mommy and me art classes?  Something else?
  10. I’ve always loved art, but I’m rediscovering how much I love it, doing art projects with The Littlest Apple and our Art Playgroup.  Seriously considering making a career out of it…
  11. I don’t wear my glasses as often as I should.  Okay, I should be wearing them all the time (especially at night!), but my prescription is fairly low, so sometimes I don’t.
  12. I’m very territorial.  I really don’t like for people to go in my bedroom….even when it is clean.
  13. I also get antsy whenever The Picky Apple (or anyone) uses my computer.
  14. We live close enough to Galveston to make day trips, but I don’t consider Galveston a “real” beach.  I think it is dirty and the water is yucky.  I realize that makes me sound like a complete beach snob, but I just don’t see the attraction.
  15. I grew up going to the beach at Destin every summer.  More recently we visited Kauai (and have a trip scheduled again next year) and Gulf Shores.  Now THOSE are real beaches.
  16. I’m not a hugger and kiss-on-the-cheek-for-a-greeting person.  I’m sure my family members and friends who ARE have noticed this about me.
  17. On the other hand, I can’t get enough hugs and kisses from The Littlest Apple and I shower him with hugs and kisses all the time.
  18. When I was in law school, I did lots of shopping on my yet-to-be-earned-big-shot-attorney salary.  The big-shot-attorney-salary never really happened.  We’re still paying for that (and for law school, too!).
  19. I can’t drink coffee without flavored creamer and Splenda.
  20. I wish I had a sewing machine.
  21. I complain too much.
  22. I used to think homeschooling was crazy, but now I am secretly intrigued by it.
  23. I love cinnamon-y and bakery scented candles.  I hate most flowery smelling candles.
  24. I think my husband owns more shoes than me. (See comments below for more discussion on this.)  I hate it when The Picky Apple is right and I am wrong.  It seems like he is ALWAYS right.  So when he IS wrong, I really rub it in, even though I know I shouldn’t.
  25. I am a one-purse kind of gal.  Changing purses to go with my outfit is not for me.  The few times I’ve tried that I wound up forgetting something.  The purse I am currently using is about 5 years old and in excellent condition (which is good because it cost a small fortune).  I love it and have no plans to buy a new one any time soon.
  26. My favorite color is PINK.
  27. I’ve only had 4 pedicures in my whole life.  One for my wedding, and the other three when someone else was paying for it.
  28. I’m really ticklish, especially on my feet. (hence the infrequent pedicures)
  29. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being heard and having to repeat myself.
  30. I have REALLY dry skin.  And hair.
  31. My hair is SUPER THICK.  Last time I got my hair done, the stylist said my hair was the thickest he’d seen in his 25 years as a stylist.  I’ve been instructed by numerous stylists that when I call to schedule an appointment, I should tell the appointment scheduler that the stylist will need an additional 30 minutes to work with me.  My last appointment for highlights, a cut and blowout took 3 hours.
  32. I only wash my hair 2 times a week.  MAYBE 3.  It just takes way too long to blow it dry, and since it is on the dry-side, it doesn’t get super oily until the 3rd day or so.
  33. As a result of 31 and 32, I frequently wear my hair in a ponytail.
  34. My go to “uniform” is a skirt, t shirt and dangly earrings.
  35. I have small hands and feet.
  36. The only kind of fruit pie I like is apple pie (and pumpkin, but that’s not really a fruit).
  37. I hate it when people misspell words.  I take pride in my ability to spell almost anything.  (Of course now you’ll find something I misspelled and rub it in…)
  38. My birthday is July 31.  So is Harry Potter’s, which is pretty neat. Except that he’s not a real person.
  39. I majored in English and Government.  My husband majored in Computer Science and Math.
  40. The Picky Apple and I have been together since I was 18 and he was 19.
  41. I HATE scary movies.
  42. I worked at Randall’s (grocery store) as a checker when I was in high school.  After about a year, I was promoted to Customer Service Manager, meaning I was in charge of all of the checkers and sackers.  As a result, it drives me batty when the checkers and sackers ignore me and talk to each other instead of saying “How are you today?” and “Have a nice day!”
  43. It also drives me crazy when people think they are “above” being nice to checkers, sackers, waiters, servers, etc.  Just WHO do you think you are, exactly?
  44. I was Financial Vice President of my sorority my sophomore year of college.
  45. I was President of my sorority my junior year of college.
  46. It was lonely at the top.  Being in charge of dues and then in charge of..well…everything didn’t make me the person people wanted to hang out with.
  47. But then again, I probably spent too much time with The Picky Apple in college and not enough time with my girlfriends.
  48. I’m working on being a better friend, making more of an effort to do stuff with them regularly.
  49. I’m an introvert. (An ISFJ, if I remember correctly)
  50. After being around a big group of people (and by big, I mean 5 or more people), I usually need some alone time to decompress.
  51. I want to paint our kitchen cabinets white.
  52. My garden is looking very neglected right now.
  53. I hate answering the door during the day.
  54. I take naps frequently.  I’d like to blame it on the fact that The Littlest Apple gets up between 5:30 and 6 (or sometimes 4:45 like last Friday), but I think I’d probably take naps anyway.
  55. We used to have an orange cat named Cheeto.
  56. We had to give him away (to The Picky Apple’s parents, who then gave him to another lady) after The Littlest Apple was born because he was allergic.
  57. I volunteered at the SPCA before The Littlest Apple was born, and used to always think that people who gave up their animals when they had kids were cruel.
  58. Becoming a mom has made me less judgmental and given me so much for sympathy for other moms.
  59. Just purchased a hot glue gun.  I’m addicted to hot glue gun projects already!
  60. Also addicted to ribbon now.  I told The Picky Apple I wanted to go buy all the beautiful ribbon I could find, and then just look at it.  He thought that I was crazy.
  61. The Picky Apple has always thought I was a little bit crazy, but he married me anyway.
  62. And now we have a crazy son.
  63. I’m ready to repaint my dining room from red to something more neutral.  That should be fun.
  64. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  65. I don’t really like Halloween.
  66. I’ve always dreamed of hosting Thanksgiving, but for now I’ve got Easter Brunch to call my own.
  67. I love brunch foods.
  68. I’m left handed.
  69. I can’t dance.
  70. I blush easily, which makes me embarrassed, which makes me blush more.
  71. Sometimes I miss living in Austin.
  72. Sometimes I miss living in Houston (we’re way out the ‘burbs).
  73. I have very sensitive hearing.  I HATE fireworks (unless viewed on TV or from inside) and thunder.
  74. I have a sensitive nose.  I can’t handle morning breath.  (The Picky Apple’s OR The Littlest Apple’s…OR mine)
  75. I need to stop making excuses and just get in shape already.  I worked out 3 times last week…a good start.
  76. There are currently 1591 books on my Amazon Wish List (which I created way back in 2005).
  77. I still don’t really understand the rules of football (or tennis) despite having it explained to me countless times.
  78. I like to eat my waffles with butter, peanut butter, and syrup.
  79. I suffer from chronic sinus infections.  The one I’m fighting now has been hanging around for two and a half months.
  80. I hate tea.  Hot tea, iced tea, black tea, green tea, sweet tea, sun tea….hate it all.
  81. I’m a people pleaser.
  82. And a worrier.
  83. And maybe a hypochondriac.
  84. My Prom date (my boyfriend at the time) broke up with me the week before Prom, leaving me without a date.  I wound up going with his friend who didn’t have enough money to go (or a date).  We had a great time!
  85. I don’t watch the news on TV and I hardly ever read about it online.
  86. I occasionally read the newspaper, but we’re getting ready to cancel our subscription.
  87. I have trouble asking for help.
  88. My favorite shows on TV right now are Modern Family, Parenthood, Glee, The Office (though I’m kind of getting bored with The Office).
  89. The Picky Apple, The Littlest Apple and I all have blue eyes.
  90. My favorite magazines are Coastal Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Everyday Food.
  91. I am way overdue for going to the dentist.
  92. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled (there were only 3 of them), I had a dry socket.  SO PAINFUL.
  93. But not as bad as my ruptured ectopic.  That was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
  94. I’m a big wimp and complain about the least little pains.  But I think I can safely say that bleeding internally was indeed painful.
  95. I just started going to church with a friend, and I’m loving it!  What a great way to start the week!
  96. I could watch My Cousin Vinnie over and over and over.  I love that movie!
  97. My side of the closet almost always has clothes all over the floor.
  98. I want (need?) to work on my cookie and cake decorating skills.
  99. I don’t drink red wine.  Only white.  And my preference is actually for Rieslings, Muscats, and any sweet sparkling wines.  I realize that this is frowned upon by “real” wine drinkers, but I don’t care.
  100. I am the opposite of spontaneous.

Wow!  Coming up with 100 things was a bit harder than I thought! I’m sure I’ve probably already shared more than enough, but…

Is there anything else you want to know about me?

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  1. The Picky Apple permalink

    I think you need to re-tally the shoes. Don’t forget the rack in the bedroom closet. And the one under the stairs.

  2. first love your husband comment that is too funny!

    i hate mustard and mayo so much so that i just told people i was allergic to mustard seed so they would stop asking why.

    my hair stylist says the same thing about my hair but if you look at it you would think its just thick but it is CRAZY thick!

    tons of things made me think we are the same in SO MANY ways!

    i love your art playgroup that you have inspired me to create a small one with some friends too!

  3. Hahaha…I love The Picky Apple’s comment! I loved this post, too. It was so awesome learning more about you. And like you and Courtney, I also have the thick-hair problem!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and had to comment after today’s post – while we are very different people, there are many things we have in common on your “Things About Me” list – 🙂 So glad to know that there are other people out there who share some of the same quirks! Looking forward to reading more posts! Hope the little apple is feeling better – we had a day like that last week!

  5. As usual, The Picky Apple is right and I am wrong. I have about 28 pairs of shoes, and he has 17. It was the downstairs closet I forgot about.

    Courtney and Cassie- Yay for thick haired girls! It’s a good problem to have, but it can be annoying nonetheless.

    Becca-thanks for commenting! Sometimes I wonder who all of these “mystery” readers are! I always enjoy reading posts like this on other blogs, so I thought I’d write one too. (And then immediately worried I shared too much or offended someone or that people wouldn’t read it).

  6. Jami permalink

    OMG 100 is a lot…… I need to do this also!

  7. I’m laughing to myself over here – we’re more similar than I’m guessing either of us would think 🙂
    Like the introvert thing… and the needing to compress after being around more than 5 people… and the baked goods scents over flowers… and… and… and…

    Great list!!

  8. Corey permalink

    We have like 40 things in common! I think that is more than my sister and I do.

    My next project is to learn how to cake decorate. I get excited watching Ace of Cakes! John and I even bought an airbrush (still in the box) You’d think with a roommate that used to do that, I might be able to go out and learn… but nope not yet.

    And all about the white wine.

  9. Jami- 100 Things sounds tough, but it is easy once you get started. Can’t wait to read your list!!

    Corinne- I knew we had a quite a few things in common: our love of Pumpkin Spice drinks from Starbucks, boy names, college majors, etc. How neat that we have even more than originally thought!

  10. Corey,

    Wow! 40 things? That’s pretty amazing. You can make John read my list too, but I’d bet I have more in common with you than him. It’s interesting how siblings can share parents and so many childhood experience and still wind up so different from each other. (That’s not a bad thing though!)

    You’ve got to learn how to use that fancy airbrush so I can enlist you for all of my special occasion cake decorating needs (and/or teach me how). I had no idea your roommate used to do that. How cool!

  11. I’ve only gotten one pedicure in my life. A college roommate was celebrating something and invited me to come along…her treat. It was *wonderful,* but also pricey (that would explain why I haven’t gone back for another…). 😉

  12. Katy Livingston permalink

    This post is hilarious! I love it.

  13. Hi Cara,

    Cara, I love your blog and am a new follower!

    I think that’s my myers briggs type too. I also pride myself on my excellent spelling (did I spell myers correctly, perhaps its meyers?)

    I have a very sensitive nose, love to nap, have an untidy garden (but big plans for it), and I’d describe myself as a people pleaser, worrier and possible hypochondriac!

    It’s so nice to read about someone who might be a bit like me. I’ll have to do my own list, but I’d probably regret it as I constantly swing between needing to share and craving privacy!


  14. Sarah,

    Thanks so much!

    It does sound like we have a LOT in common! (And it is Myers-Briggs, you spelled it right!)

    I also worry about privacy sometimes with this blog, but there are plenty of things that I consider off limits. I hope that I’ve found a happy medium of sharing more of who I am without putting it ALL out there.

  15. Ashley permalink

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I have read somethings on your blog from time to time, but have had a lot of down time this morning to go through it. I LOVED reading your 100 Things About Me (I know it is slightly old) it gave me such an insight to who you are today, and I found we have a lot in common as well!
    I grew up on Destin beaches as well!! (Sea Grove 2)
    I worked at Randall’s with you (hopefully I was not one of those who did not say hello)
    I too need some down time after spending time with a group of people in order to decompress, and I love My cousin Vinny (these two yoots!!)
    I could go on and on @ Chirstmas, not liking Halloween, being left handed, clothes on the floor, laundry list of books to read, turning red etc.,
    Thanks for sharing. Your confidence, knowledge, and abilities are both amazing and inspiring! …..I’m thinking freelance writer for sure!

  16. Ashley,

    Wow, you weren’t kidding! We DO have a lot in common. That’s amazing! And can I tell you just how much I loved your “these two yoots!” quote? We also like to say “EYE-Dentical!” just like the other attorney in the movie, hand gesture and all. LOVE that movie, and now I must make time to watch it this weekend! Thanks so much for your comment and your kind words!

  17. Bethany permalink

    I stumbled onto your site through a link to your Halloween wreath, but I will definitely be coming back! You have a personality I can certainly relate to, and wonderful ideas 🙂

    By the way, you have Harry Potter’s birthday, but I have Daniel Radcliffe’s, exactly. (07-23-89) haha!

    I look forward to seeing more on your site! Thanks!

  18. Angie Grogg permalink

    I just came across your blog and went straight to your 100 personal items….I laughed and smiled….thanking God I am not the only person with a majority of these attributes! Thank you. :0

  19. Nana permalink

    I have a just turned 5 granddaughter. I would like to do the 25 books of Christmas but don’t know if they are age appropriate for her. Can you help?

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