Aug 19 10
by cara
at 3:26 PM
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Treasure Box

What child wouldn’t love a little treasure box of their own to store their most valuable toys, rocks, nature finds, and other special small items?  I found this little treasure box for $1.50 at Hobby Lobby.  The Littlest Apple and I painted it, then not-so-patiently waited to glue on some sequins.  He was offered sequins, buttons, and shells to adorn his treasure box, but he chose sequins.  He just “discovered” sequins last week, and absolutely LOVES them.  He spent more time playing with and inspecting the different sequins than he did on painting and gluing.  I happen to think that sequins reflect his sparkly little personality quite well.  This would make a great activity for a birthday party, playdate, or art playgroup!

So, what did The Littlest Apple decide to store in his Treasure Box?  What item does The Littlest Apple treasure most right now?

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