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by cara
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Six Tiring Tidbits

Because I’m still too tired to write a long and coherent post (though I am working very slowly on something home-related), here are a few random tidbits from my week.  My Facebook friends will recognize some of these….

1.  A few days ago, bright and early (5:40) The Littlest Apple woke up and we came downstairs to start our day.  I was in the bathroom for one minute, maybe two.  When I came out, our downstairs was COVERED in flour…..the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the entry rug, all of it.  He got a box of cake flour (full minus 2 tablespoons) from the pantry and poured it everywhere in those 1-2 minutes I was in the bathroom.  I give myself a big pat on the back for not yelling.  What a way to start the morning.

2.  Yesterday, The Littlest Apple was enthusiastically reenacting a scene from Toy Story while I was working on dinner, and he threw Mr. Potato Head at The Picky Apple’s brand new 47″ flatscreen TV.  The Picky Apple doesn’t even let The Littlest Apple BREATHE near his new pride and joy, so I was a little panicky.  No harm done, thank goodness.  The Littlest Apple and I BOTH would have been in a heap of trouble when The Picky Apple got home from work.  The Littlest Apple and Mr. Potato Head were both sent to timeout.  Again, pat on the back to me for not yelling.

3.  The Littlest Apple’s pump (for his NG tube) has an alarm that beeps in the middle of the night almost every night, usually because The Littlest Apple is laying on the tubing or has gotten tangled up in it.  I’ve started hearing “phantom” beeps in my head throughout the night, similar to the “phantom” screaming I heard for months on end when The Littlest Apple had colic.  The “phantom” beeps (in addition to the real ones) startle me awake, and then I have trouble going back to sleep.  Fun times.

4.  When I went in to check on The Littlest Apple this morning after the pump alarm went off, I discovered that his tube had come open and unhooked from the pump.  The pump was therefore pumping formula all over the bed (and The Littlest Apple’s back), and his tube was leaking formula (and stomach juices…ew ew ew!) all over his bed.  This is the second time that’s happened.  So at 6 am, still groggy, it was necessary to wash all the bedding and stuffed animals and give The Littlest Apple a bath.    What a way to start the morning (again).

5.  When I talked to the pediatrician at yesterday’s checkup about The Littlest Apple’s crazy energy, she said she didn’t think it was from the formula, and that switching formulas probably won’t help.  She thinks this is just how much energy he’s going to have when he’s getting the calories he needs, and started asking if we have a family history of ADD/ADHD.  We don’t (that I know of), but it is something I’m worrying about already.  He turns 3 next month and starts a new more structured preschool in September.  I’m very anxious to see how he adjusts.  The prospect of dealing with this energy level day in/day out is scaring me a little.

6.  I’m trying to encourage The Littlest Apple to be more independent and go to the bathroom by himself.  This has resulted in toilet paper unrolled and SHREDDED all over the bathroom (more than once….the paper gets unrolled nearly every time he’s alone), half the bottle of soap being pumped into the sink for bubbly hand washing time, and The Littlest Apple half naked standing on the bathroom counter.

I’m tired, y’all.

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  1. corey permalink

    My prayers are with you. I do love his imagination though.

  2. I am loving the Littlest Apple but feeling so bad for these hard times. What a great spunky kid! When I was in college someone put flour under our locked condo door and then took a vacuum and put it on “blow” under the door. We walked in hours later to SNOW on EVERYTHING. We never EVER got all the flour off…. made me laugh when I heard that story… he will soon be “flouring” people!

    Hang in there…. I remember all these times, minus the feeding tube. Screaming children from pain from reflux and undiagnosed food allergies… vomit, and everything inbetween. Now if you look at my latest post you will see how quickly times change. You WILL make this because you are SUPER MOM… and one day you will look back at this post and smile. Although right now you might want to cry! Hang in there…. God put him in your care for a reason… and I think i know why! (love, intelligence, patience, creativity, super greatness…)

  3. Phew!! I’m tired just reading this. Hugs to you – you are a super mama. 🙂

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