Jul 15 10
by cara
at 8:11 PM
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Ice Smashing

Instead of writing one big long Tot School post, I’m going to start highlighting some individual activities that The Littlest Apple has enjoyed.  This ice hammering activity was a HUGE hit at our house, perfect for those hot summer afternoons.  The Littlest Apple has asked for it many times since we first tried this a few days ago.  Just freeze some small trinkets overnight in a bowl full of water.  I used gold coins and fish leftover from our sensory bins, cookie cutters and other playdough accessories, and a few little vehicles.  Then just pop the big ice block out, give your kiddo a hammer (a REAL one!) and let them try to “rescue” the trinkets from the ice.  What kid doesn’t love smashing things?!  We’ll be doing this activity again soon!

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  1. Oh yes, we will most definitely do this in the very near future. We did something sort of similar last summer where I froze plastic animals and James used a variety of ways (salt, warm water) to “unearth” them. 🙂

    Love all of your ideas, Cara.

  2. What a great idea! I was just lamenting the fact that I can never think of good craft projects for Hadley. You always seem to have great ideas at the ready:-)!!

  3. great idea! I am definately going to do this one soon. I also love your new sensory bins, especially the ice cream one.

  4. Just saw this activity over at Caedens Corner blog. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mel permalink

    Can I recommend that the kids wear protective eyewear if they’re going to be smashing ice with a hammer?

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