Jun 22 10
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at 11:15 AM
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My Little Planner in the Making

Here’s a conversation I had with The Littlest Apple at the grocery store this morning….

TLA: Where am I going after HEB?

Me: Home to unload groceries and eat lunch.

TLA: Where am I going after lunch?

Me: To take a nap.

TLA: Where am I going after naps?

Me: To the library to return our library books.

TLA: Where am I going after the library?

Me: We’re going play in our backyard pool.

TLA: Where am I going after the pool?

Me: (seeing where this is headed….) We’re going to cook dinner, then eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed.

TLA: Where am I going after night?

Me: I haven’t planned that far yet.

TLA: Why?

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From motherhood

  1. oh my goodness that sounds like my child!! too funny!

  2. julie permalink

    seems like a great idea! I have a 4 year old grandson and I am just starting to be with him everyday, picking him up from preschool/childcare. His mom and I are trying to understand his anger and aggression. He is the warmest most empathic person but has spent what we believe is too much time in childcare. I am hoping to help him transition. I like the idea of letting him know what is happening in his day.
    Thanks, Julie

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