Jun 4 10
by cara
at 8:21 PM
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Gratitude Journal Snapshot

Today was a really hard mommy day.

The Littlest Apple was in full meltdown mode all morning (and off and on the rest of the day too).  We butted heads big time this morning, and wound up canceling our morning excursion as a result.

Since his caloric intake has increased by about 50% as a result of the night feeds via feeding tube, he’s gone from extremely active to even more active.  It makes sense, I suppose.  He wasn’t getting enough calories before, and now he is, so he’s got more energy.  But if you knew him before, then you know that he was never lacking for energy in the first place.  And now he’s just full-throttle energy.  The 3rd ingredient of his special formula is SUGAR (as I learned this evening), so I can’t help but wonder if that’s causing these issues.  If this is just our new “normal” when he’s actually getting enough calories, then I’m going to have to bring my parenting A game.  We’ll definitely be discussing this with the GI at our appointment next week.

Sugar rant aside, it was a really hard mommy day, and I didn’t cope very well.  There may have been some tears and a pity party or two.  I wasn’t expecting to need to refer back to my post on Gratitude so quickly, but today was definitely a day for it.  Today was a day to put my Pessimism Prevention Plan into action.  I only wish I had implemented it earlier in the day…like around 7:00am.  That’s about when things headed south.  This afternoon during nap time, I took a few moments to re-read the Gratitude post and to sit down with my Gratitude Journal and 14,000 Things to Be Happy About.  Oh, and I took a bubble bath during The Littlest Apple’s naptime.  Because I like bubble baths.

Here’s a peek at my Gratitude Journal from the last few days:

What are you grateful for today?

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