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Handprint Lilies

The Littlest Apple and I created these handprint lilies last year to give to both of his grandmas for Mother’s Day.  Okay, so The Littlest Apple just provided his handprints (and not very willingly, I might add).  The Picky Apple and I did all of the grunt work.  This project is best for kids who are old enough to help with the cutting and taping, but I think it makes a great memento for smaller handprints, too!  I took this photo at my parents’ house yesterday, and as you can see, my mom is still displaying her handprint lilies proudly, nearly 1 year later!

Handprint Lily

Since we made the Handprint Lilies before I started sharing crafts on my blog, I’ll try to walk you through the instructions.  Sorry I don’t have a photo tutorial!

What you’ll need:

  • White cardstock
  • Green cardstock
  • Yellow pipe cleaners
  • Green straws
  • Tape

Trace handprints on white paper (pink or lavender would also be lovely!), adding a little “wrist” to the bottom of each handprint, and cut them out.

Cut out 2 green leaves for each lily you are making.

Cut a yellow pipe cleaner into 2 inch strips.

Wrap the “wrist” of the handprint around the end of the straw, leaving about 1/2″of the straw sticking out, and tape in place.

To add leaves, you can punch holes in the end to slide them over the straw, and tape in place, or simply tape in place.

Fold the 2 inch yellow pipe cleaner in half, and put the doubled up end into the end of the straw.

Curl the fingers of the handprint back over a pencil, and style as desired.  My mom put her handprint lilies in some of those vase filler rocks.

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