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What The Littlest Apple is Reading

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Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion: We just got this one on Thursday (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!) and we’ve already read it about 6 times.  This story was originally published in the 1950s, and I remember reading it as a child.  It’s the story of Harry, a white dog with black spots who hates to take baths and turns in to a black dog with white spots.

Harry the Dirty Dog

Yes, by Jez Alborough: Another great story with Bobo the monkey.  This story deals with Bobo’s bathtime and bedtime, and only contains the words “Yes” and “No”.  Once again, I’m amazed by how much emotion is conveyed through the illustrations and those two simple words.


A Treasury of Curious George, by H.A. Rey: A recent publication, this collection contains eight stories written in the style of H.A. Rey.  The Littlest Apple definitely has his favorites, including Curious George and the Dump Truck (no surprise there, right?) and Curious George and the Birthday Surprise.  I thought the text would be too lengthy for my squirmy 2 year old, but I think all of the illustrations help keep him interested.

Treasury of Curious George

Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever:  I borrowed this one from my parents’ house.  It was mine when I was little.  I know that because I very carefully wrote my name in the front cover when I was about 5.  This book has SO much to offer, with 82 stories and The Littlest Apple loves it.  Right now he’s hooked on one story in particular: “Goodnight Little Bear,” by Patricia Scarry.  In that story, a little bear is carried to bed on his father’s shoulders, and then Father Bear pretends to not be able to find Little Bear and searches for him all over the house.

Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever

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  1. We love Richard Scarry books and Curious George. The first book looks interesting, I will have to see if I can find it.

  2. I love that Harry book – such a classic!

  3. Harry was one of my favs when I was little. My in laws still have my hubby’s copy from when he was little and over Christmas I read it to my little guy.

  4. Thanks for joining this week. We are big fans of Richard Scarry here too. In fact, Anna keeps his Lowly stories on her night shelf at all times. We also enjoyed Tall from Monkey series, I have to look up for Yes book.

  5. That Harry book sounds really cute, and I want to try the Jez Alborough one too – we read “Hug?” when my oldest was a baby, and she loved it – definitely need to introduce the two younger kids to it!

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