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Popsicle Painting

This popsicle painting activity is something I want to share with the Art Playgroup, but I thought I should test it out with The Littlest Apple first.

I made each paint popsicle with half water and half liquid watercolors, though next time I’ll use more water and less watercolors.  I’ve also seen it done with tempera paint.  I froze the paint popsicles overnight, then got them out right before we sat down to paint.  I was a little concerned that The Littlest Apple would try to eat them since he loves popsicles, but he seemed to understand that these were for painting only.

Paint Popsicles 1

2 seconds into the activity, The Littlest Apple touched the popsicle to see how cold the paint was, and got it all over his hand.  He wouldn’t proceed with the painting until his hand had been cleaned to his liking.  These beautiful liquid watercolors are washable, but the vibrant colors also translate to big mess!

Paint Popsicles 2

Once we had clean hands again, we enjoyed painting with the popsicles for about 5 minutes.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it was a decent length of time for The Littlest Apple.  I think it might have been more successful if I had let the popsicles thaw for another 10 minutes or so before trying to paint with them.  But then they might have been TOO drippy.  All in all, this was a neat activity, and definitely one I’ll try again!

Paint Popsicles 3

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  1. You have some of the best ideas.
    The more mess the more fun 🙂

  2. courtney permalink

    alright… we better do this next week. SO FUN, i do think brandon will try and eat it though!

  3. Corinne- The mess involved in some (most?) of the arts and crafts I do with The Littlest Apple is still something I cringe about every time. Just make sure you have lots of cloths/wipes nearby for cleanup. I do draw the line at The Littlest Apple making big messes on purpose, though I’m ok with the inevitable accident.

    Courtney- We may do this for art group next week, but it depends on how many kids are coming. Right now I only have a 6-popsicle mold. I need to get another one!

  4. Aprille permalink

    Sounds like a super messy and cool idea my son will love – thanks!

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