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Good Reads: Steady Days by Jamie Martin

Fellow mothers, how many of you occasionally feel like you are walking through your days in a haze, not accomplishing anything, feeling frustrated with your children, and not experiencing the truly enjoyable moments you always imagined you’d have with your children?  I’ve felt this way from time to time and I wanted to do something to make the time I spend with The Littlest Apple more meaningful.

I recently finished Steady Days.  The author of Steady Days is Jamie C. Martin, the blogger behind Steady Mom, one of my daily reads.  She’s always full of inspiration, and empowering, thoughtful posts to help me succeed in this profession of motherhood.

Steady Days

Steady Days opened my eyes to so many small and doable things to think about and actions to take to help my make my mothering more intentional.  This book is written in short 2 and 3 page chapters that are perfect for mothers who only have a few spare moments here and there.  There is something very calming and soothing about the author’s tone throughout the book, and knowing that she has 3 small children, I’m positive that she understands exactly what I’m struggling with.

After reading Steady Days I’m spending a little more time thinking through a (loose and flexible) schedule for the day, instead of relying solely on a mile-long (and unrealistic) to-do list. I’m taking time to write down some Daily Blessings each day: the sweet and heart-warming moments that happened in between all of the tantrums.  I’m still working my way through all of the tools and absorbing all the ideas Steady Days has to offer, but I can definitely say that I’m happier, calmer and feeling a little more fulfilled on the days when I’m actively using what I’ve learned from this book.  And I’m hearing a little less whining from The Littlest Apple too, a welcome improvement, indeed!

This book is divided into 4 Parts:

  • Getting Organized-I always thought that I was organized, but I do struggle with not being flexible enough and having too many expectations about what I’ll be able to accomplish on any given day.  A chapter from Steady Days: Flexibility-The Key address this problem perfectly.  Jamie shows how to implement routines in 3 easy phases and the importance of a Home Planner.
  • Retaining Enthusiasm-  This was the section of the book that spoke to me most of all.  As much as I hate to admit it, maintaining my enthusiasm for mothering is something I certainly struggle with.  This is the section where Jamie discusses Steady Blessings, a fabulous tool for enthusiasm.
  • Learning Together–Valuable information on encouraging your child’s curiosity, your role as a parent-teacher whether you homeschool or not, how to learn WITH your children, and several useful tools for learning.
  • Making Memories–Another great section full of useful ideas and tools for remembering the special things your kids do, say, and create.  I can’t wait to start The Littlest Apple’s Look at Me! Binder!

There is also an extensive appendix full of sample forms, inspirational quotes, and suggested resources, all of which I found extremely useful.  You can download the forms mentioned in the book from the Steady Days website for a small fee.

For more information on this wonderful book, you can read an interview with author Jamie Martin, or check out the Steady Days website.

Disclosure: I have not been asked to review this book.  This was just a Good Read I wanted to share! Some of the links above are Amazon affiliate links.

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  1. It sounds like just the kind of book that I would like! Thank you for the recommendation. I’m going to check out her blog too…

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