Jan 27 10
by cara
at 9:37 PM
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I Think I Would Scream Too

Not to bore you with yet another GI update, but tomorrow morning is The Littlest Apple’s gastric emptying study.  And while we are eager to know the results of the exam, we aren’t exactly looking forward to the exam itself.

The exam isn’t invasive, but it is rather unpleasant.

After The Littlest Apple drinks some radioactive material, they will strap him down to a table, hands and all, and take scans every minute for 2 hours.  He’s going to be strapped down. For 2 hours.  You can imagine how much The Littlest Apple enjoys that.  When we did the scan last year, the tech in charge of the scan told us that most children typically cry for a little while then fall asleep.  The Littlest Apple, our Little Exception to the Rule, did not.  He screamed the entire two hours.  Of COURSE he did.  Despite having a TV to watch, books to look at, and Mom and Dad doing everything they could to distract him.

We’re hoping this year will be different.  But I’m guessing it won’t.  I think I would scream too if I was strapped down for 2 hours.  In fact, it makes me hyperventilate a little just thinking about it.

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  1. Our Snow White screamed the whole time too.
    What kid falls asleep during that? Honestly? I think they are just trying to make us parents feel better.
    I will pray for you tomorrow, all the best!

  2. Goodness…your son will be in my prayers. He is such a cutie too. I wonder if it might be better for him all the way around if you kept him awake for a long period of time to ensure he was sleepy when the exam comes up? Just a thought….

    When my son was 6 weeks old….(boy that’s been a long time ago he’s almost 18 now) he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and had to have surgery. The morning of the surgery they had to draw blood by pricking his heel with a needle then squeezing it out, a drop at a time. He screamed the entire time and it made me cry… I begged them to stop but they just escorted me out. Its tough to see a little one go through such things as they are just so helpless and innocent. I feel for ya and want you to know that a prayer circle will be started for your little darling. 😉

  3. I think I’d probably scream too. Good luck today, Cara — keep us updated!

  4. Good luck! Will be thinking and praying for you guys. I can’t imagine… hoping for the best!

  5. Big hug, Cara! I will be thinking of you all today. xxoo!

  6. I am thinking of you all! God bless!

  7. jenn permalink

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I hope it goes better than you expect.

  8. Melissa permalink

    My not quite two year old is suspected of having gastroparesis and we are struggling to find foods to feed him at all. I can see you have so much going on but I would be curious to your advice

  9. Ricki permalink

    We had to do something very similar with Bailey when she was only 2 months old. It definitely wasn’t a fun experience. Hopefully today will go smoothly for you guys! Good luck!

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