Dec 24 09
by cara
at 2:57 PM
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Handprint Christmas Crafts

Grandparents of The Littlest Apple, don’t read this post unless you want to ruin Christmas.  Just kidding.  Seriously, though….just wait until after Christmas to read this, okay?






For everyone else, I wanted to share two fabulous crafty gifts we made for The Littlest Apple’s grandparents.  Both crafts use handprints, and I was VERY happy with the way they turned out.

Here are the super simple Handprint Wreaths.  I’ve seen this idea on many many blogs this season.

Hand Wreath 1

Hand Wreath 2

Next up are the Snowman Ornaments.  Corinne posted about these on Trains, Tutus and Twizzlers, and The Littlest Apple also brought one home that he made at Mother’s Day Out.  (Corinne’s are way cuter, btw!!)  The biggest challenge was getting The Littlest Apple’s handprint on the ornament.  I REALLY wanted to do this craft, but he HATES having paint on his hands.  Normally I wouldn’t force him to do something he didn’t want to do, but this was a little exception.  It was a wrestling match, I tell ya, and luckily I had The Picky Apple there to help.  We only managed to get two very misshapen, blobby handprints before a complete meltdown ensued.  How his teachers got him to cooperate at MDO is a real mystery.  Anyway, these ornaments may well be ornaments only a parent or grandparent could love, but I was very pleased with how they turned out.  I had so much fun painting the little details on the snowmen!

Snowman Ornament

Snomwan Ornament

Snowman Ornament Back

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  1. Those all turned out so well!!! (thanks for the link, lady!). Love the wreath, we might have to do that one next year.

    Merry Christmas Cara!

  2. Love that handprint wreath idea. In fact, we might make a few last-minute gifts like tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉 My 3-year-old would be so excited about the project.

    Those snowmen ornaments are super cute too.

    How thoughtful of you to create such delightful, handmade gifts for grandparents!

  3. Debra permalink

    We love our beautiful wreath and the adorable snowmen ornament. These are gifts we will treasure forever! Thanks, Finley! Thanks, Cara and Nathan too.

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