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Menu Plan, November 30

I’m trying lots of new recipes this week, using leftover turkey and other meat from the freezer.  I’m also incorporating a meatless meal this week…we’ll see how that one goes over with The Picky Apple.  We’re trying to bring down our grocery bill and actually stick to a grocery budget for a change.  (What a concept!)  I always hesitate to discuss numbers for grocery bills because I know everyone has a different idea about how much they should be spending, and I know many could feed a family of 4 or even 6 on what our “goal” is.  Our goal  (okay, okay, it is $150 a week) is a great starting point that seems absolutely doable for 2 adults and a 2 year old who doesn’t eat much!  This would be a definite improvement over what we’ve been spending.

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Cheesy Rice Fritters with Spinach (new recipe)

Wednesday: Southwestern Turkey Soup (new recipe), Cornbread

Thursday: Coconut Chicken (new recipe), Basmati Rice, Acorn Squash

Friday: Chili Rice (new recipe), homemade tortillas (new recipe)

Saturday: Dine Out or leftovers

Sunday: Honey Chipotle Glazed Ribs (new recipe), Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Greens (new recipe)

Baking: Planning to get started baking cookies for my Christmas Cookie Boxes….as soon as I figure out which recipes I’m using!

For more menu planning inspiration, check out Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. Staying on budget at the grocery store is my biggest challenge. It’s one area that we really don’t try to cut back on too much – as long as we stay around $100, but that’s doable for the most part. We just love our food so much… and now that there’s four of us, it’s a little more of a challenge some weeks – especially when we’re picking up stuff for holiday baking 😉
    Let us know how he new recipes work out!

  2. Grocery shopping budgets are so hard to keep – especially with the holidays and if you happen to entertain now and then.

    I’d be ecstatic if we were anywhere near $150 – we average $325 a week! Of course that’s because everything in Bermuda is 2-3 times the price of the states. 🙁

    Your menu looks delicious and your cookie boxes are amazing!!

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